The expectations of our stakeholders, employees, and clients (local authorities and private), and of city-dwellers in general, are evolving. This prompted us to ask the question: “What role does our Group want to play in its business environment, both now and in the future?”. In answering this question, we came to define INDIGO Group’s corporate purpose as “Opening space for peaceful city motion”. This purpose statement guides our employees’ actions every day and has transformed our company’s long-term strategic vision.

The fact of the matter is that the key issue facing the cities of the future is freeing up their streets to make room for other mobility solutions (pedestrians, bicycles, delivery vehicles, etc.), green spaces, and social areas (outdoor dining, cafés terraces, etc.). Last-mile logistics must also be scaled up to make the fifteen-minute city a reality.

Our capacity for innovation will enable us to respond to these brand-new needs. What is more, our corporate purpose, “Opening space for peaceful city motion”, addresses these challenges. It paves the way for what we believe cities of the future should be – stress-free, less congested, more environmentally-friendly, and more inclusive.

To achieve this goal, we can enrich the way our city-centre car parks, infrastructures and urban logistics services are used – for example can serve as charging spaces for e-vehicles, cultural venues, and even host events. The possibilities are endless, and we can design a myriad solutions to satisfy the needs of our clients and their users.

This new purpose statement asserts our capacity to open up and shape an ecosystem around our Group and to reinvent ourselves by creating “on demand” services. Our operation spaces, which are more than simply car parks, are still central to our asset management activity. Cities are our playing fields: we work towards, with and for cities. And in these future urban spaces, we want to satisfy city-dwellers’ desire for less stress, noise, pollution, and traffic, etc. Also, with the increasing and ever more varied movements of people and goods, we deploy innovative solutions to manage these flows, offering last-mile delivery, proximity services, e-vehicles, and more.