Indigo offers private individuals a way to share their parking spaces.

For drivers searching towns and cities for somewhere to park and car park operators with empty spaces shared parking is a win-win solution. It lets drivers find a space more easily and at competitive prices, and helps car park operators fill their spaces more efficiently.

The process

When analysing a shared parking solution, we study the location and the parking market in and about the surrounding area,  we visit and complete a full survey. We then install an access system for vehicles and pedestrians. Simple and secure, it is completely autonomous.   Specially designed signage directs the customer towards spaces reserved for shared parking. We manage and maintain these parking spaces and make sure they are easy to find, particularly through the OPnGO platform, the app that lets you park more easily.

Client management to Indigo standards

We are aware that external customers driving in a private area is one of the greatest concerns for car park owners and other occupants. For that reason, we restrict how our customers can travel around the car park.

To access the car park, the driver must first reserve a place. That means we have a record of the co-ordinates of everyone who uses the service. Drivers in vehicles can only gain physical access to the car park using a mobile phone, either through a secure section in the OPnGO app or after receiving a text message. To enter the car park, pedestrians must enter a code that they can receive by email or text.