To enhance its parking and mobility services, the Indigo Group fully integrates digital technology and MaaS logic * into its global strategy in order to meet the current and future needs of cities and their inhabitants. Fully aware of the issues of population growth, ecology and traffic congestion, we are positioning ourselves as a real player and facilitator of these changes by offering digital services which revolutionise the daily lives of users.  

With OPnGO, for example, the app,which connects all car parks in the city, users can book their parking ahead of their trip for a competitive price. In addition, the INDIGO® weel app makes it possible to use a fast and environmentally friendly mode of transport in the city centre to finish your route and provide a transport solution for that last mile.

These services, which use digital technology in the services of the smart city, enable users to optimise their travel times, the distance achieved and the costs associated with individual mobility. The communities participate in the reduction of pollution, the flow of traffic and the decongestion of urban areas.


* “Mobility as a Service”


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The personal vehicle is becoming more connected and environmentally friendly and will solve many of the current problems in cities. In addition, our OPnGO digital parking service reduces travel times and traffic related to finding parking spaces. By coupling this solution with green mobility services such as INDIGO® weel, our group will cover the bulk of individual mobility needs with a comprehensive and complementary service for public transport. New technologies, especially digital, are key ways to achieve our goals and offer users the best service: fast and efficient.

Paul Valencia, Mobility and Digital Solutions Manager

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