Published on 04.10.2021

La Défense, October 4, 2021.

INDIGO, a world leader in parking and individual mobility, is keen to play its part in encouraging the widespread uptake of environmentally friendly modes of transport in particular by facilitating the use of bikes. The Group has launched Cyclopark, a new secure bike parking solution, and intends to equip 300 zones over the next three years to provide 30,000 secure bike parking spaces by the end of 2024.

Some 46% of cyclists choose not to use their bike because they are worried about it being stolen, and this statistic rises to 60% among people who have already been a victim of such a crime. Furthermore, 15% of people who do not currently own a bike say they would buy one, if they had a place to park it. Fear of theft represents a major obstacle to the use of bikes in urban areas, according to a survey carried out by the specialist research firm, 6t.

As INDIGO understands these considerations and is keen to adapt its parking lots to suit the way people live as well as their desire to create calm urban spaces, it launched CYCLOPARK, a new secure bike parking solution. After the first zone was inaugurated on October 4 in Lille (Parking Rues Piétonnes Le 31), around a dozen Cycloparks will be opened by the end of the year, in particular in Lille, Toulouse, Mulhouse, Marseille and Paris. In 2022, approximately 100 CYCLOPARK zones will be installed in Indigo parking lots, each able to accommodate up to 60 bikes on average.

An optimized customer experience

Located on level 2 of the parking lot, in close proximity to the entrance/exit area, the CYCLOPARK zone offers users a number of services to provide an optimum customer experience.

Parking area: ergonomic racks, esthetic and fit for purpose, to easily park your bike day afer day. Racks to suit all users (whether you ride a bike, cargo bike, electric bike,

Comfort area: lockers to recharge your electric battery, benches etc.

Workshop area: tools for basic maintenance available, and a bike stem to facilitate work.

Cyclopark responds to the growing demand for bike friendly spaces in urban areas, a consideration that now forms the backbone of urban mobility strategies. In addition to increasing the number of bike lanes in towns and cities, local authorities are looking to make it easier for people to travel by bike.

Anyone can take advantage of the cyclopark service after signing up online. The rates are set in consultation with the local authority in question. For example, In Paris, the service costs
€10 per month, €25 per quarter or €75 per year.