A manager of roads and underground car parks, Indigo has a historic presence in Metz. It is in this city, in December 2017, INDIGO® weel has naturally chosen to launch its new shared bicycle scheme, in partnership with the community. Complementing existing modes of transport, it offers the inhabitants of Metz a new way of getting around.

Launched in December  2017, INDIGO® wWeel has a fleet of 500 bicycles managed by a dedicated local team in charge of the maintenance and regulation of the fleet. INDIGO® weel’s implementation approach was conducted in close collaboration with the city of Metz, including in the definition of bicycle availability and parking areas.

This new free-floating bicycle mobility offer fits perfectly in the local public transport network, as well as in the cycling infrastructures that were established as part of the Bike Plan, voted by the community in 2010.

We are satisfied with the arrival in Metz of these free-floating bicycles, which complement our numerous mobility offers. The deployment of the bicycles was carried out  under the  best conditions in order to ensure an optimal service for  inhabitants, in consultation with the operator. The launch of this scheme in Metz confirms once again that the city remains a pioneer in eco mobility.

Guy Cambianica, Mobility Adjunct of the City of Metz