Diversity and equal opportunities

As a leader in its sector, Indigo Group is committed to meeting with high standards the challenges of diversity and equal opportunities.

By its responsibility as an employer

There is no economic success without human success. This is why the Group has included in the commitments of its “Goal 2020” Strategic Plan, supported by all subsidiaries worldwide, social policies and action plans as the cornerstones of its performance and a key to success with the women and men who make up the Group.

Similarly, aware of the human challenges that organisational changes brought by this Strategic Plan could represent, the Group initiated a change management process involving employee representative bodies, based on an ambitious communication plan and including numerous measures to support and train employees.

Through equal opportunities

The Group commits itself to combatting all forms of discrimination in hiring, employment relations and career development of its employees, and to promoting equality based on the skills and know-how of its employees. Priority axes have been identified within the context of diversity and the promotion of equal opportunities: professional gender diversity, people of all origins and all ages.

Our ambition

Combat all forms of discrimination in hiring and employment relations, particularly with regard to women, disabled persons, senior citizens and anyone else due to their origins.