Green solution offers

Car parks and on-street parking areas management is Indigo Group’s historic business. However, aware of the environmental challenges facing mobility, new activities have been developed to promote sustainable individual mobility.

Traditional mobility

  • Energy consumption

Electricity consumption comes mainly from electricity used for lighting car parks. In order to reduce its energy supply, the Group deploys lighting systems in its facilities that use more efficient lighting sources and reflectors than those previously installed (more lumens dispensed per Watt consumed).

And in order to further optimise electricity consumption during periods of low traffic, these new lighting systems are connected to motion sensors that allow the lighting level to be regulated according to the detection of persons or vehicles in the car parks.


  • Air quality

In accordance with local legal requirements, confined car parks are equipped with automatic installations that analyses the content of carbon monoxide (CO) and/or nitrogen oxides (NO or NO2). When regulatory thresholds are exceeded, ventilators are automatically activated.

In France, current regulations require interior air monitoring systems for car parks with more than 500 spaces. The Group voluntarily decided to gradually extend this type of installation to car parks open to the public in France with fewer than 500 parking spaces and mechanically ventilated; regardless of whether they are owned or managed by the Group under Public Service Delegations or leases whose residual term allows amortisation.

In the same way, the Group in France took the initiative to implement systems to trigger at least once a day the mechanical air renewal of all levels of enclosed car parks open to the public in order to ensure preventive air renewal in its facilities.

  • Addenbrooke’s Hospital: a showcase of Indigo Group’s environmental know-how
  • The Addenbrookes’ Hospital nine-story elevated car park in Cambridge in the United Kingdom was designed and financed by Indigo Group, and provides more than 1,200 parking spaces. It was opened in June 2014 and is characterised by an innovative design that addresses the many of the challenges of sustainable development:
    • The architectural design of the façade and 850m² of green wall on the ground floor allows the car park to blend perfectly into its natural environment.
    • The innovative design of the façade cladding provides a surprising amount of natural light.
    • On the roof, 750m² of photovoltaic panels supply 20% of the car park’s electricity.
    • The roof incorporates a 1,500 m² planted area and enables rainwater harvesting. The rainwater is then used to irrigate the gardens and supply the toilets.
    • 11 electric vehicle charging stations have been installed in the park.
    • Automatic number plate recognition enables to reduce traffic congestion at the entrance and exit of the park.
    • LEDs lighting with motion and light sensors provide optimal light while keeping electricity use to a minimum.


Sustainable mobility

  • Bicycle parks

Indigo Group opens parking spaces to non-polluting modes of transport through the management of dedicated bike parks or specific secure areas within its car parks.

  • Station bikes

Indigo Group, through the Smovengo consortium, in which it holds a 35% stake, has signed a new 15-year contract to operate the mechanical and electric self-service bicycles available at the City of Paris station, known as “Vélib”. Indigo Group premises are used as a proximity rear base for repairs and restocking of stations.

For Sébastien Fraisse, Deputy Managing Director and France Director of Indigo:

“INDIGO is a little more concrete with its presence on Vélib and its positioning as an actor of individual mobility. By participating in one of the world’s largest bike share devices, INDIGO addresses and will continue to invest in the market for shared, eco-responsible and connected mobility in the coming years “.

  • Endless self-service bicycles

Always with a vision of developing sustainable individual mobility, Indigo Group has created INDIGO® weel, the brand name of a self-service bicycles without a station, or “free-floating” company. Unlike station bicycles, INDIGO® weel bikes are available in the street, with no anchorage limits. Bicycles can be geolocated and rented via a mobile phone application. Once at destination, the user leaves the bike at the arrival point.

The bicycles are maintained in the Group’s car parks by trained technicians, some of whom have benefited from a rehabilitation programme.

Our ambition

Pursue further growth in terms of sustainable mobility and, in response to calls for tenders for the building or renovation of a car park, propose alternative solutions with environmental added value when the customer’s specifications and the configuration of the premises are suitable.