Territorial development

In addition to its economic contribution in terms of turnover and local taxation, Indigo Group’s local coverage contributes to the dynamism of the territories.

As a partner of cities, communities, hospitals and universities, our Group is part of the social fabric. To a very large extent, its jobs are linked to parking operations. Its presence gives priority to the local employment areas where car parks and on-street parking areas management are located. These activities also often require the intervention of local companies for their construction and maintenance, again supporting the activity locally. The latter is also strengthened by the integration of automotive services (washing, maintenance), which also generate local jobs. Parking activity is one of the elements of the urban mobility chain and naturally contribute, or via targeted actions, to the attractiveness of city centres by encouraging the preservation of shops and jobs.

In addition to the revitalisation of city centres mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Group is contributing to traffic fluency by promoting sustainable urban logistics. Indigo Group thus proposes the integration of urban logistics spaces in its facilities; goods are delivered in the car park periphery by small electric vehicles, which limits congestion in city centres (and also CO2 emissions).

Our ambition

To build together a responsible and united world at the service of the territories.