With the management of more than 80,000 airport parking spaces around the world, we are able to guide and support our customers through the rollout of bespoke services for more efficient mobility hubs without any interruptions for the traveler.

Adapting parking to flow issues

In North America, Indigo supports airport managers with their analysis of passenger flows by collecting traffic data and modelling it using digital solutions. Experience and knowledge of this makes it possible to maximise the fill rate and the income generated by the parking, and to offer a better customer experience.

These analytics make it possible to adapt the presence of our workforce depending on flight plans and to ensure continuous service in the event of late arrival or exceptional demand.

A seamless travelling route

As a mobility facilitator, Indigo integrates parking into the customer journey in a simple and intelligent way. Travellers can organise their trip using our website or the smartphone application by  booking a parking space in advance. In addition, Indigo pays particular attention to the design and implementation of clear signage and offers a smartphone application which guides pedestrians using a 3D map so that they can easily find their car.

To assist customers 24/7, we have a remote customer service centre. A remote operator can analyze the situation and trigger the correct actions from the local or national office for optimum service.

Additional services to make parking a key link in customer satisfaction

To better satisfy our customers, Indigo offers online sales solutions with cross-booking offers, as well as additional services such as shuttles and valet parking, car wash services, customer service ambassadors, luggage trolley management and more.

Pricing advice and revenue management

Remote operation and the Connecpark™ service

Based in our National Remote Operation and Assistance Centres, our team can offer help whenever needed, supporting the user’s journey through the car park thanks to an optimised remote operation system, available 24/7.

Indigo helps its clients optimise their pricing policies and maximise their parking space utilisation rates. Thanks to our experience in strategic monitoring (business intelligence, revenue and yield management) in the parking sector, Indigo is able to offer a full pricing and financial  service for all types of parking facility: airports, hotels, railway stations, hospitals and town-centre parking etc.

Parking is a key link in the user journey within the airport and the satisfaction of every customer is essential. We offer digitalised solutions and services to allow a smoother ride and resolve any source of stress during their time at the airport.

Wilfried Thierry, North America and United Kingdom Manager