Leisure centres and event sites contribute to economic dynamics and cultural influence. We are developing specially adapted parking solutions for these particular  areas.

We are committed to working with communities and private players to create and develop exceptional services. We manage more than 100 car parks and more than 100,000 parking spaces around the world.

Optimising flow management and accessibility

Because they are attractive to a large number of people, tourism and recreation sites are subject to a large number of visitors and a high turnover rate. We work with clients and propose solutions that ensure simple and fluid circulation.

Our efficient operational organisation, allows us to pull in  teams available in the sector to ensure optimal service is provided during peak traffic.

Proposing an attractive and personalised financial service

To facilitate travel while enhancing the attractiveness of its sites, we offer combined parking plus event tickets and/or combined parking plus public transport tickets to an event venue. Multiple payment options (credit cards, prepaid tickets, season tickets, online purchases) and bespoke promotions for big fans are also available.

We have developed a tool to integrate our online booking solution into websites for venues and events and even into the process of purchasing a ticket and creating a VIP parking place solution.

Offering bespoke support with specially adapted services

Leisure centres and event sites are  places to learn and to do activities. Add-on services such as valet parking, shuttles, washing the vehicle, or information about the city, points of interest and surrounding businesses can improve the attractiveness of the site and revenues.

We also develop services specially adapted for motorhomes: emptying of waste, loans of bicycles, electric charging.

Electric charge points
On-street operation and maintenance

The concession model

We have been pioneers in the concession model for 50 years. We invest in infrastructure alongside communities, offering our advice and expertise in designing, constructing, renovating and financing parking facilities in a way that enhances urban heritage and benefits local residents.

Charge points for electric vehicles

We support the development of ‘green’ energy  around the world. For example, we have developed exclusive partnerships with Sodetrel Mobilité (100% subsidiary of the EDF group) in France, and the mobility expert City Mov’ in Luxembourg, in order to provide our customers with a network of self-service charge points.

Indigo has extensive expertise in multiple payment channels and in solutions for overseeing the entire on-street parking chain in order to guarantee transparency and operational optimisation.

By offering ever more tailored and bespoke services, we have become true partners of event sites, the driving force behind a real local dynamic.”

Louis Jacob, Executive Vice President Indigo Canada