Pooling resources in urban areas

In order to keep the on-street parking spaces rotating as they should and to allow longer parking times in urban areas, we offer solutions for pooling vacant private parking spaces. We have more than seven million vacant parking spaces in Europe, located in office car parks or residences (co-ownership or social housing) for all or part of the day.

Pooling (or shared parking) means allowing their owners to share these vacant parking spaces by opening up their parking to an external clientele. These can be profitable at no cost. It is also an ecological and environmental approach that aims to improve the living environment: it helps reduce traffic and noise in the city centre. Pooling resources in existing projects also prevents the construction of new car parks.

Indigo provides you with signage and technological equipment to pool your parking spaces. We advise you on pricing, according to the analysis of the local norms, and publicise your parking spaces, thanks to the Indigo Neo application.

Creating value for office parking

In North America, offices entrust us with the monetisation of their parking spaces to meet all the needs of the public.

Indigo adapts to suit the parking contracts concluded with the tenants of the building as well as the companies of the neighbouring buildings. We can also harmonise pricing and offer incentives to build customer loyalty.

Indigo’s expertise, state-of-the-art technology and digitised solutions ensure exhaustive monitoring of flows: from customer balancing (monthly/occasional) to the administration of permits and waiting lists, including pricing analysis and payroll deductions, to value-added offers and reserved VIP spots.

Our experience and operational strength contribute to a more fluid entrance and exit during peak hours.

Finally, our related services – car and bicycle rentals, car sharing, car-pooling, electric vehicle charging, cleaning and maintenance and valet parking, among others – make it possible to perfectly integrate parking into its environment and maximise its profitability.


Remote operation and the Connecpark™ service

Based in our National Remote Operation and Assistance Centres, our team can offer help whenever needed, supporting the user’s journey through the car park thanks to an optimised remote operation system, available 24/7.

Pooling is a “win-win” concept: for the leaser or private owner because it allows them to optimise the use of parking spaces, for the user, who can park for a reasonable cost and closer to their  destination and for the city, which can solve some saturation problems. The pooling of parking spaces is a truly sustainable solution for optimising urban space.

Thomas Bimson, Central Europe Manager