Published on 17.11.2017

As a partner of choice for towns and local authorities, Indigo has never stopped developing innovative parking and mobility solutions that make it easier for users to get around town. The group has thereby cultivated true expertise in mobility. With the launch of Indigo Weel in France – and soon in all countries where the group is present – Indigo is now the only French player to offer a station-free, self-service bike scheme.


LOGO-INDIGO weel®To incorporate the group’s values of trust, reliability and quality into its new service, Indigo has chosen to keep the firm’s name in the brand’s visual identity. By adding the term “Weel”, (derived from the English word, “wheel”), the scheme evokes mobility and movement around town while affirming an international vision.


A bike of many strengths: elegant, sturdy, lightweight and easy-to-use

The Indigo Weel bike was designed with comfort and safety in mind:

  • Sturdy and connected, weighing only 18kg, potentially electric, and with ISO 4210 certification
  • Three gears with Shimano Nexus system
  • Reinforced, geolocalised lock
  • Shimano rear brake system (Roller Brake)
  • Puncture-proof tyres without inner tubes
  • Dynamo and lights incorporated in the structure

Through its built-in technology, the bike can be instantly geolocalised. Bikes can therefore be made available in real time with their location indicated in the mobile application. Thanks to geolocalising technology, each bike’s journey can be tracked and alerts automatically raised if need be. Users make the service even more effective by reporting any stolen or damaged bikes, for which they gain points as part of a bonus-penalty system.

Technical overview of the bike

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A new experience for getting around town

In addition to being an intuitive, fluid customer experience, the Indigo Weel bike-share solution is:

  • Sustainable: an environmentally friendly mode of transport
  • Connected: bikes are geolocalised and available via a special application
  • Complementary: to the existing public-transport network and the traditional self-service bike-share systems
  • Economic: no cost for cities and an offer that is affordable for everyone, from only €0.50 per half-hour
  • Flexible: a geographical area that can be extended or controlled
  • Easy-to-use: no empty or full station problems  

How does it work?

Four simple steps and a completely digital procedure:

  1. Download the Indigo Weel mobile application from the App Store (Apple iOS) or from Google Play (Android) then sign up in three swipes on the application.
  2. Geolocalise your bike then unlock it using the application.
  3. Take your bike and enjoy your ride. You can even have breaks during your ride by temporarily locking your bike.
  4. The bike can be parked in designated areas indicated in the application. Push the lock downwards to lock your bike. The end of your ride is then confirmed in the application.

Local authorities: a transparent approach

Indigo Weel bikes can be successfully introduced into urban areas thanks to the group’s strong network and close partnerships with local authorities. We seek to help cities specifically wanting to provide new mobility solutions that are easy to set up while keeping costs under control. For this reason, we will always engage in talks with local authorities prior to rolling out our self-service bike-share solution. A city’s support for our project is a prerequisite for putting our solution in place

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