Published on 31.08.2017

Since the beginning of August 2017, Indigo has been in charge of running the parking facilities for eight Carewest establishments. A ninth establishment will join the line-up later.

Carewest is a group of healthcare establishments for people of all ages suffering from chronic diseases, physical or mental disabilities and requiring long-term care and ongoing medical assistance. Its locations are situated in the City of Calgary, Alberta, in the Canadian West.

The scope of the contract includes managing 1,150 parking spaces and installing ticket machines at six locations by the end of the year. Indigo will also be in charge of monitoring compliance with parking regulations and issuing parking tickets throughout the areas under its responsibility. This service will be handled by a dedicated department of the Calgary office.

This latest contract, which covers the management of 25,000 parking spaces at over 45 sites in Canada for hospitals and healthcare establishments across the country, is a major win for Indigo in Calgary and will bolster the company’s expertise in parking management in the hospital sector.


INDIGO Group has learned that its name was used for fraudulent purposes by individuals or firms offering real estate investments in carparks, particularly under the name Indigo investissement.

INDIGO Group has never contracted with them and has never solicited them, these are fraudulent facts and activities.