Published on 11.05.2018

Indigo, the world leader in parking management, continues to expand its presence in Brazil and strengthen its operations in important business segments. The company has just assumed the parking management of Hospital do Círculo, in Caxias do Sul. With the management of this complex, the company reaches its 76th operation in the State of Rio Grande do Sul and the 30th in hospitals throughout Brazil.

The company will modernize, streamline and automate the 170 vacancies of the Círculo, with a forecast of a future increase in the number of vacancies and investments in the infrastructure of the place, such as recapping, painting and installation of a new portico. The parking lot will be connected to Connecpark 3.0, a 24-hour monitoring center that permanently controls all parking lots through various audit routines, ensuring the quality and reliability of operational processes. Ten professionals were hired to control the vehicles on site.

Hospital Segment

“This is the second most important segment of Indigo’s business, with more than 7,000 vacancies. We know of the complexity that is to control a hospital parking lot and how clients need special attention. Therefore, our professionals are widely trained and oriented to attend the patients very well, “says Roque Perachi, CDO (Chief Development Officer) of Indigo Brazil.

Hospital Círculo has one of the most modern and complete health facilities in Rio Grande do Sul. In addition, the environment in the midst of nature, the humanized care and the differentiated hotels guarantee to the patients and companions the maximum comfort possible. During the period 2016-2020, Indigo will invest R$ 500 million in Brazil, and a significant part of this amount will be destined to its corporate clients. In addition to hospitals, Indigo operates in different segments, such as universities, shopping malls, airports, commercial buildings, arenas, event complexes, among others.

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