Published on 25.09.2017

INDIGO partners with FAXI to offer ride-sharing services to its customers and confirm its strategy of becoming a key player in shared individual mobility

Indigo, one of the world’s leading parking and individual mobility operators, today announces that it will be partnering with Faxi to offer ride-sharing services and expand the reach of its mobility offer.

This new partnership comes as an additional commitment from Indigo to both clients and customers to facilitate their daily commute and associated parking experience.

Faxi’s unique patented technology enables companies, hospitals, local authorities and other large organisations to preferentially allocate valued car parking space to employees who are proven to have shared their commute.

Faxi is an app-based ride-share platform which allows commuters to offer spare seats in their vehicles to co-workers.  This allows both passengers and drivers to save money and typically proves to be cheaper and more environmentally friendly than driving alone or using public transport.

As part of the partnership, Indigo has also made an equity investment in Faxi.

Serge Clemente, CEO of Indigo says:

“For many of our clients and customers, workplace parking can be a considerable issue, especially on major campuses or office complexes. Combining Indigo’s strengths with Faxi’s unique technology will bring new solutions that can now be explored.”

“We believe this partnership is an additional tool to assist our public and corporate clients in their effort to enhance the sustainability of their travel plans. This becomes very relevant in a European and North American context where Indigo has a strong presence and particularly in France where the “Energy Transition for Green Growth Act” will bring new obligations on companies starting January 1st 2018. This is a unique opportunity for all corporations to rethink their approach to mobility on a mid to long-term perspective”.

Tony Lynch, Chief Executive Officer of Faxi says:

“We are delighted to partner with Indigo, one of the world’s leading parking and individual mobility operators, to roll out Faxi in the markets where it operates. Traffic and pollution continue to worsen across the developed world. Faxi has created a technology that will enable every large organisation to make the policy decision that co-workers who rideshare can receive access to priority and reserved parking. Effective rideshare schemes can substantially increase the utilisation of existing vehicles and thereby significantly reduce congestion and parking related issues of today.”

About Indigo:

Indigo, headquartered in France, is the world leader for parking and individual mobility. Indigo employs 19,000 people and is present in 16 countries and over 750 cities. It is the only parking and mobility service operator present on three continents and in all parking segments: on-street, off-street and shared private car parks. Indigo operates more than 5300 car parks throughout the world, with over 2.2 million parking spaces and over 3000 km of on-street parking. Indigo assists local authorities and private sectors (healthcare facilities, shopping malls, train stations, airports, etc.) and develops tailor-made parking and mobility solutions for users while making the city more pleasant and enhancing traffic flow. In a booming mobility market estimated to reach €100 bn by 2025, Indigo is a key player as far as the mobility of the future is concerned.

About Faxi:

Our mission is to be the leading platform providing provable ridesharing services and sustainable mobility solutions for large organisations.

We are achieving this by building private transport networks of existing commuters by offering priority parking to co-workers who rideshare and by brokering peer-to-peer pay-per-seat payments. In this way, we will have commuter transport networks fully established and ready to transfer to the driverless car fleets of the future.

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