Published on 12.07.2017

Midas, the European leader for rapid auto service, working in partnership with Indigo, has developed a new form of rapid repair centres called “satellites” in the heart of underground car parks. An experiment was launched a few weeks ago in Boulogne-Billancourt. This has allowed Indigo, the world leader for parking and individual mobility, to offer its customers a unique new service. With time, Midas could extend this new service, providing fresh proof of its ability to innovate and capture new markets.

More diversified services to attract new customers

Today, more than ever, customer service innovation and diversified product offerings are at the core of Midas’ development. By teaming up with Indigo, the leading parking provider, Midas has pulled out all the stops by introducing its services in car parks. Now, users can drop their car off in the morning on their way to work and pick it up the same evening after a check-up. A test is currently underway at Boulogne-Billancourt. Located in the Indigo car park at Place Abel Gance, this satellite centre occupies seven spaces (about 80 m2) and is equipped with two car lifts to provide basic services. By offering this type of service, Midas has adopted a proactive approach to attracting new segments and demonstrated its strategy of customer proximity. This project perfectly reflects a Midas commitment: increasing vehicle owners’ peace of mind via easy servicing.

Boulogne-Billancourt: a prime location for a first test phase

Since the beginning of May 2017, users of the Indigo car par at Place Abel Gance in Boulogne-Billancourt have been able to take advantage of this new service. To launch this first satellite, the company invested €60,000 and hired two technicians. They will be supervised by the manager of the Midas Centre located a few hundred metres from the car park. This proximity justifies the term “satellite”. In a future development of the concept, Midas satellites will be positioned near existing Midas centres to enhance complementarity.

Nor was the choice of the Boulogne-Billancourt car park a coincidence: it is located in a strategic business district. Covering three levels, it offers a total of 525 spaces (including nearly 400 for subscribers), with company cars accounting for a 75% share. Various big companies like TF1, Canal+ and France Galop have offices directly above the car park and make many cars available to their employees. This in turn offers many opportunities to retain customers through this innovative service that offers added benefit for Indigo users.


“This association with Indigo lets Midas move up to a new level. It will enable us to capture not only new markets but also new customers, by zeroing in on a strategic target: companies.” Bertrand Cormier, General Manager for Midas France.

“The partnership that we have just signed with Midas reflects our desire to ensure that our car parks meet customers’ needs, by introducing many mobility services in our parking garages. Our aim is to enrich our customers’ experience and offer them services that optimize their parking time.” Sébastien Fraisse, Indigo Deputy General Manager and Manager for France.

From left to right: Alain Flipo, Midas Executive Chairman, EMEA & Brazil, Mobivia Managing Director,
Sébastien Fraisse, Indigo Manager for France,
Bertrand Cormier, General Manager for France


About Midas:

Midas is the world leader for auto repair services. With 100% coverage of the multi-brand auto maintenance sector, cutting-edge innovation and continually upgraded services, Midas uses its 40 years of expertise to promote the safety and driving comfort of its over 10 million customers. As a brand, Midas is committed to offering an alternative to car manufacturers’ networks, with a guarantee of competence and reliability in pursuit of excellence.

At the end of September 2016, the network had over 680 centres in nine countries, including 352 in France. The Midas network primarily develops in the form of franchises.

Midas is a Mobivia brand.

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About Mobivia:

Mobivia, the European leader for multi-brand vehicle servicing and parts, brings together firms united by a common mission: Making mobility easier. Every day, in Mobivia’s 19 brands established in 19 countries, the Group’s 21,000 employees work to provide their customers with innovative solutions to meet their mobility needs: travelling better, in a more accessible, cleaner, safer and cheaper fashion.

Today, Mobivia is the leading auto maintenance and repair chain in Europe, with nearly 2000 workshops and retail outlets, under its own brands, such as Norauto, A.T.U, Midas, and Carter-Cash. Mobivia has also gained recognition as a major player on the new mobilities market through its Via ID business incubator, which backs startups dedicated to shared, connected urban mobility.

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 About Indigo:

Indigo, a French group, is the world leader for parking and individual mobility. It employs 18,000 persons in 17 countries and over 500 cities. It is the only parking service operator present on three continents and in all parking segments: on-street, off-street and shared private car parks. Indigo operates more than 4600 car parks throughout the world, with over 2.3 million parking spaces and over 2500 km of roads. Indigo assists local authorities and private actors (hospitals, shopping malls, train stations, airports, etc.) and develops tailor-made parking solutions for users while making the city more pleasant and enhancing traffic flow. In a booming mobility market estimated to reach €100 bn by 2025, Indigo is a key player as far as the mobility of the future is concerned. INDIGO. Make way for the future!


INDIGO Group has learned that its name was used for fraudulent purposes by individuals or firms offering real estate investments in carparks, particularly under the name Indigo investissement.

INDIGO Group has never contracted with them and has never solicited them, these are fraudulent facts and activities.