All over the world, local and national governments seek to encourage the switch to electric vehicles by developing and expanding the charging infrastructure.

As a long-standing partner to local authorities, we equip our car parks with electric charging stations to provide a local easy-to-use service with offers and pricing structures to suit their needs.


  • In France, we work with our partners Bouygues Énergies & Services to intensify the national network of charging points.
  • In Belgium, we aim to install charging points in all of our car parks by 2025 to cover short- and mid-distance journeys.
  • In Switzerland, we plan to deploy a substantial number of charging stations in our Lausanne car parks.
  • We have recently signed strategic partnership agreements to accelerate the installation of charging points in Spain, Canada and Brazil.


  • Over 2,620 electric vehicle charging stations currently available in INDIGO car parks in 2021 throughout the world.
  • Our objective: 11,000 charging points installed in INDIGO car parks worldwide by 2025.