Proven experience in inspections and penalties

With twenty years of experience in parking inspections and collections in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Spain, we can take over all or part of the management process, adapting our approach to each town’s policies and budget.

The issue of parking fines or tickets – now called ‘post-parking fees’ (forfait de post-stationnement, FPS) in France – can also be delegated to a third party.

Indigo currently has 1,000 inspectors in Europe, some of whom are equipped with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) vehicles.


Collection management

Indigo has a range of tried-and-tested, ‘seamless’ digital solutions that can be used to track all aspects of payment violations, inspections and correspondence, right up to sending a case to the special administrative court: in France, the Paid Parking Complaints Commission (Commission du Contentieux du Stationnement Payant, CCSP).  Indigo can oversee the receipt of post-parking fees (FPS) as well as managing mandatory preliminary administrative appeals (recours administratifs préalables obligatoires, RAPO).

We can take care of the following for French local authorities:

– Inspections, by sending out agents with or without ANPR vehicles;

– Overseeing the issue and receipt of FPS fees (previously known as parking fines) by handling the entire collections process as well as dealing with unpaid fees by co-ordinating administrative centres;

– Managing mandatory preliminary administrative appeals (RAPO), responding appropriately in the event of a dispute.

Indigo can mobilise effective human resources and technological tools to create a flexible, optimised organisation.