To make life easier for our customers, Indigo accepts various payment methods for on-street parking.

Parking meters for direct payment on the street

We oversee parking meter maintenance and collection. We  implement a policy of revenue transparency. IEM (Ingénierie Electronique et Monétique) parking meters are equipped with alphanumeric keypads and payments can be made by using cash, debit or credit card and in most instances the machines are also provide contactless payment.

Mobile applications: pay easily with OPnGO

Mobile parking payment methods mean drivers can pay for, extend or end their parking time remotely.

This service, which can be accessed from partner applications like the OPnGO app, complements existing payment methods to offer more freedom and ease of use. It provides a convenient and innovative way for users to only pay for the time they are actually parked.

Users occupying parking spots can receive a reminder five minutes before their parking time expires. . They can then choose to extend their time or return to their vehicle.

The mobile payment solution also provides, for example:

  • Geo-tracking: users can find their car with just one click
  • Paying with a range of bank cards. This is particularly useful for professionals who want to pay using a dedicated card (GR card, corporate card, etc.)
  • Cost and billing reports: all transactions can be viewed in the customer’s account