A world leader in parking and individual mobility, serving Smart Cities of tomorrow. The Group’s activities bring together several businesses: off-street car parks and associated services, on-street car parking, individual mobility, digital and associated services.

Indigo builds, finances  and operates personalised and ever smarter parking solutions which facilitate a smoother, more integrated, and easier customer journey.

Indigo has been all about mobility from the very beginning. No parking, no mobility…And without mobility, the development of urban areas is impossible.

We are investing heavily in the development of new individual mobility and digitalisation services, which we will deploy across our on and off-street car parks and spaces.  both in France and internationally.

Our presence on several continents allows us to test the adaptability of our innovations and enrich them with the experience gained in the field.

Sébastien FRAISSE, President of the Executive Board


car parks internationally




managed parking spaces

2 250

km of managed on-street parking





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We develop bespoke solutions in all client segments (cities, airports, hospitals, shopping centres, train stations, leisure and event spaces, universities, etc.).

From the construction of off-street car park franchises to the innovations of the smart city, we have kept ahead of the trends to make intelligent mobility a reality which is adapted to the meet the challenges of the future.

To meet each person’s needs and address the challenges of cities, we provide  innovative solutions which complement the car: shared bicycles, electric scooters, etc.


1960 – 2000 2001 – 2014 2015 – 2019 Since 2020

Organising parking

Faced with a growing need for parking in the cities, Indigo, known as GTM at the time, inaugurated its first ‘concession  model’ car park in 1964, under the Esplanade des Invalides. Followed by Georges V, Malesherbes-Anjou and more.

Paris became Indigo’s innovation laboratory. With the development of off-street car parks and on-street parking, toll systems were automated, and electronic payment options were introduced. Through the use of the Carte Bleue (a debit card payment system widely used in France). GTM and Sogeparc exported their knowledge all over the world.

Offering more than a parking space

The car park, once a single-use space, became a place offering a variety of services. With individual mobility services, loans of umbrellas, bicycles, and shopping bags, 21st century parking took shape and became a link to urban mobility. In 2001, GTM and Sogeparc merged to create VINCI Park, which relied on the basics (quality, security, and customer service) to attract users.

The digital and soft mobility era

In 2015, VINCI Park became Indigo and positioned itself as a key player in parking and individual mobility, with a new digital service.

To meet these new expectations, Indigo launches Indigo Neo, an application that offers the drivers a complete parking experience that allows them to find and book the best space at the best price. This new seamless service simplifies and facilitates the user journey thanks to the licence plate recognition and digitalised on-street payment.

In 2017, to meet the challenges of growing urbanisation and changes in usage, INDIGO is rolling out INDIGO Weel, a shared bicycle and electric scooter service in France. At the same time, the company becomes the majority shareholder of Smovengo, a group of mobility players that wins the tender to operate the Parisian Vélib’s. In 2018, Smovengo launches the new Vélib’ 2 offer with an expanded scope of operation.

A key player in the sustainable development of cities

On 28 February 2020, INDIGO presents with the architect Dominique Perrault to more than 80 journalists, officials and city planners the Parking of the Future, a new vision of underground spaces and their integration in the city of tomorrow, following more than a year of partnership. How can we extend the opportunities that the underground can offer? How can we provide more mobility and services to users? How can we facilitate urban logistics or feed the sustainable city? The car park of the future offers a real programme of concrete solutions to be implemented in the INDIGO car parks. Find out more.

The year 2020 will be a year marked by the emergence and spread of the COVID-19 virus. To show its solidarity, INDIGO and Indigo Neo offer parking to all medical staff during the two periods of confinement in France. In the first wave, 185,000 hours of parking were offered. On the other hand, to help its employees faced with difficulties linked to the virus crisis, the group set up a solidarity fund in which more than 200 managerial staff participated.

Finally, this new era is opening up under the sign of sustainable development. INDIGO, a real player with a positive impact in cities and territories, is committed to a Climate strategy up for 2025

Our purpose

The expectations of our stakeholders, employees, and clients (local authorities and private), and of city-dwellers in general, are evolving. This prompted us to ask the question: “What role does our Group want to play in its business environment, both now and in the future?”. In answering this question, we came to define INDIGO Group’s corporate purpose:

“Opening space for peaceful city motion”

This purpose statement guides our employees’ actions every day and has transformed our company’s long-term strategic vision.


Sébastien Fraisse

President of the Executive Board

Sébastien Fraisse

President of the Executive Board

Born in 1972, Sébastien Fraisse is a graduate of both the École Polytechnique and the École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées engineering schools. He began his career at the Ministry of Public Works, where he was in charge of Engineering and Execution for major road construction projects in a district of Moselle, eastern France, from 1998 to 2001.

He joined ASF (Autoroutes du Sud de la France) in 2001, initially as Deputy Regional Manager for Provence-Camargue, and then Regional Manager West Atlantic. In 2006, following the VINCI Group’s acquisition of ASF, he took on the role of Project Director responsible for Synergies for VINCI Concessions. He then returned to ASF, where he headed Operations, first in charge of supports then of the South-East network. In 2010 he was appointed Executive Vice President.

He left VINCI Autoroutes for VINCI Park in October 2012, where he became Executive Vice President, France, in charge of Development and Operations for the French network.

In June 2014, Sébastien Fraisse was appointed member of the Executive Board of Indigo Group and In November 2022, Group Managing Director.

In April 2023, Sébastien Fraisse was appointed President of the Executive Board.

Édouard Risso

Deputy Managing Director, Finances and Americas area - Executive Board member

Édouard Risso

Deputy Managing Director, Finances and Americas area - Executive Board member

Born in 1986, Edouard Risso is a graduate of the University of Paris Dauphine and holds a Specialized Master’s Degree in Finance from ESCP. He began his career at Crédit Agricole in structured finance (project & real estate). He spent a year in Athens in the subsidiary Emporiki Bank in project finance. In 2010 he joined Rothschild & Cie in the Debt Advisory team.

In January 2012, he joined Indigo as a financial analyst. At the beginning of 2014, he was appointed Group Head of Financing & Treasury. In January 2018, he became Chief Financial Officer for France.

In 2020, Edouard Risso has been appointed as Group Chief Financial Officer and member of the Executive Board of Indigo Group.

In November 2022, he became Deputy Managing Director in charge of Finances and Americas.

Stéphane De Barros

Head of group legal and insurance

Born in 1965, Stéphane de Barros holds two postgraduate law diplomas from Pantheon-Sorbonne University (Paris 1) and Val de Marne University (Paris 12) in the construction sector and level government.

He started his career in 1991 as a corporate lawyer at Campenon Bernard, a construction subsidiary of VINCI. He continued with VINCI from 1994 to 2000, firstly as a lawyer in the Concessions team, and then as Legal Affairs manager. He was involved in separating VINCI from the Vivendi Group, as well as the public purchase offer for Sogeparc in 1999 followed by the public exchange offer for the GTM group in 2000. He handled the merger of Sogeparc and Parcs GTM, out of which VINCI Park was created.

Since 2001, he has been General Counsel and insurance, with responsibility for Legal Affairs and Insurance at VINCI Park and then at Indigo Group.

Loïc Delcroix

Americas Director

Born in France in 1973, Loïc Delcroix graduated from the Lille HEI engineering school. He started his career in 1999 at Indigo as a sales engineer in the international division. He was involved in both developing the Chilean subsidiary and then selling it in 2005. In 2006, he became Regional Manager and then Regional Director in charge of Russia, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, and Luxemburg.

He moved to Madrid in 2011, as CEO of Indigo’s Spanish subsidiary. Alongside his responsibilities in Spain, he was appointed Director of the European Region in September 2014. In 2018, he became Director of the IBSA zone in which involves Spain and South America and in November 2021, Director of the area Americas.

Xavier Heulin

Deputy Managing Director, Urban Shift - Executive Board member

Xavier Heulin

Deputy Managing Director, Urban Shift - Executive Board member

Born in 1973, Xavier Heulin is a graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (ENSAM) and holds a Masters degree from the École Supérieure des Travaux Publics, du Bâtiment et de l’Industrie (ESTP). He began his career in 1996 with the Bouygues group, successively as a works engineer in Lille and head of the sales department for the Ile de France region.

In 2006, he created Urbis Park, a parking operator that he managed for 15 years, successively on behalf of the shareholders Covivio (fka. Foncière des Régions) and Crédit Agricole Assurances, then Transdev. In 2016, he led the transformation of Urbis Park’s business model by separating the operation, which was sold to the Transdev group and became Transdev Park, from the ownership of the assets, which were partly sold to Vauban Infrastructure Partners. In addition to the traditional off-street parking activities, he developed on-street parking management activities, in particular in the context of the French decriminalisation reform that came into force in 2018.
In 2021, he led the sale of Transdev Park’s off-street parking activities to the Indigo group.

In December 2021, Xavier Heulin has been appointed as Group Chief Technology and Marketing Officer and member of the Executive Board of Indigo Group.

In November 2022, he takes over the management of a new entity dedicated to the shift of urban areas, including on-street management.


Valérie Ohannessian

General Secretary - Executive Board member

Valérie Ohannessian

General Secretary - Executive Board member

Valérie Ohannessian has a degree in public law, a master’s degree in private law, a master’s degree in banking, business, finance and securities law, as well as a degree in political science and economics from the Institut d’Études Politiques (IEP) in Paris.

She became a lawyer at the Paris bar in March 2018.

Valérie Ohannessian has been Managing Director of the French Society of Financial Analysts (SFAF) since January 2021, having previously held the positions of Director of Communication and Information at the French Federation of Insurance Companies (FFSA), Director of Communication at Groupama-GAN and Deputy Managing Director of the French Banking Federation (FBF) in charge of strategy, communication and members.

She joins the INDIGO group in November 2022 as General Secretary and executive board member.

Serge Clémente

Executive Board member

Serge Clémente was born in 1960. He graduated from the École Nationale des Arts et Métiers (ENSAM) and holds a postgraduate diploma from the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises (IAE Paris). He was originally a sales engineering for a subsidiary of Alcatel (1983-1985), and he subsequently held a series of senior positions in subsidiaries, notably in Morocco, as Company Secretary of Sopharma Morocco (Sanofi-Synthelabo group), and then in a senior executive role at Cegelec.

In 1995, Serge Clémente joined Alstom Contracting. By 1999, he had been appointed Executive Vice President, heading the Paris region and Western France.

He founded Faceo, a Facilities Management company, in 2000 and held the posts of Chairman of the Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer. He sold the entity to VINCI In 2010.

Serge Clémente joined Indigo Group (then named VINCI Park) in September 2011 as Executive Managing Director. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2014, then President of the Executive Board, and ultimatly President.

He directed the launch of Indigo Group in November 2015 and acts as President of its Executive Board. He is also President of Infra Foch Topco.

Thomas Bimson

Managing Director, Europe

Thomas Bimson

Managing Director, Europe

Born in Belgium in 1971, Thomas Bimson is a qualified Commercial Engineer and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy (Université Catholique de Louvain 1994). After taking up various sales and managerial roles in the PetroFina Group (Total Group), he went into the parking industry in 2000 at CityParking as Sales Director, focusing on Belgium and Norway. Promoted to General Manager in 2004, he continued to grow the company and supported three changes in shareholders. Thomas joined Indigo Group in 2008 as Managing Director for Indigo Park Belgium, a subsidiary he significantly developed with his team over a ten-year period. In January 2018, and in addition to his responsibilities in Belgium, Thomas was appointed Area Director Central Europe.

In November 2022, he integrates France and Spain into his scope.

Thomas plays an active role in various associations and management thinking groups.

Wilfried Thierry

Managing Director, Digital & Customer Expérience

Wilfried Thierry

Managing Director, Digital & Customer Expérience

After obtaining a Master’s in Civil & Building Engineering at the National Engineering School of Saint-Etienne in France, Wilfried joined VINCI Park in 2002 as Manager for New Business Development, based in the United Kingdom. Following a 5-year period as International Director based in Paris, where his focus was on development in North America & Central Europe, he relocated to the United States in 2010 as Senior Vice President of Operations at LAZ Parking.

Returning to Paris in 2012, he took on the role of Head of Europe, overseeing operations, acquisitions and new business development for both on- and off-street parking projects across eight European countries. In October 2014, Wilfried was appointed Managing Director North America & UK, a position in which he exercises similar responsibilities.

In November 2022, he becomes Managing Director, Digital & Customer Expérience of the INDIGO Group.

Benjamin Voron

Director of Communication & CSR

Born in 1976, Benjamin Voron holds a Master’s degree in Social Law (Paris I) and a CELSA degree.

He began his career at SAUR, in the environmental subsidiary of the Bouygues group, where he assumed responsibilities related to communications of Pole Propreté. In 2005, he joined the holding company of the Saur group and assisted in the transformation of the company as part of an LBO. In 2008, he became the Head of Group Communications with the main objectives of defining a Corporate Communication strategy, creating a new corporate culture and leading communicators in France and internationally.

In 2011, he became the Chief Advisor to Le Public Système – Hopscotch Communication Agency.

He joined VINCI Park in 2013 as Director of Communications. In particular, he led the INDIGO identity change project and ensured its roll-out across all the countries and subsidiaries of the Group.

In addition to his communication missions, Benjamin Voron integrates in 2020, the sustainable development objectives of the group by setting up an ambitious corporate strategy as well as a climate plan aiming at carbon neutrality by 2025. In 2021, he became Director of Communications & CSR.

Parallel to his professional career, Benjamin Voron has also accomplished a world bike tour (1998-1999) and the crossing of the United States on an electric scooter (2011).

Jean Jacques Dayries

Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Indigo Group

Jean Jacques is graduated from ESTP (Ecole Spéciale des Travaux Publics), and also holds an MBA from the Insead.

He began his career in the Pechiney Group in 1980 as vice-president of PECHINEY Asia-Pacific. In 1988, he joined the Compagnie de Suez as Director.

In 1994, he joined the Crédit Lyonnais Group, where he became Chief Executive Officer in charge of investment banking and real estate financing activities.

In 2003, he became CEO and board member of the investment company AEW Europe, in charge of a diversified real estate portfolio (offices, retail and logistics) of € 17bn.

He is now Chairman of the SCPI Rivoli Avenir Patrimoine (€ 2bn of real estate assets), Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the SCPI NEO, President of Sylvofort GF, Board Member of Batilogistic (total assets of more than 1 million square meters in Europe, Russia and Brazil), SAGAT and GESAC (airports of Turin and Naples respectively) and member of the Advisory Board of MK2.

Jean Jacques Dayries is observer at the Supervisory Board of Indigo Group and attends the Audit and Risks Committee.

Michel Bleitrach

Michel Bleitrach is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique (1965) and Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master of Business Administration from Berkeley University in California.

He began his career as an Infrastructure Projects Engineer for the BECHTEL group, and then joined the French Ministry of Infrastructure, where he managed a number of programs such as the privatization of highways or major development projects.

He continued his career as Managing Director of energy services subsidiaries at ELF AQUITAINE (production-exploration, industrial and chemical development) before heading the Priam Group (BP/LYONNAISE DES EAUX) in 1992, then ELYO (created from the merger between Ufiner-Cofreth and Priam – Suez Energy division) in 1995.

In 2000 he became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SUEZ Industrial Solutions while remaining CEO of ELYO, before becoming President of the Executive Board of KEOLIS in 2004, then Chairman of HIME, the parent company of SAUR Group, in 2012 and 2013.

Michel Bleitrach is a board member of SPIE S.A., SOCOTEC, and member of the Supervisory Board of JC DECAUX. He is also Chairman of the Nominations and Remunerations Committee of SPIE S.A. and of the ethics and CSG committee of JC DECAUX.

He also chairs the Supervisory Board of Indigo Group since 2014.

Magali Chessé

Magali Chessé has been Head of Equity Investment Strategies at Crédit Agricole Assurances since 2010.

Magali Chessé is graduated in economics and management (Universities of Strasbourg and Paris – Dauphine) and from the Société Française des Analystes Financiers. Magali Chessé began her career in private equity in 1999 (venture capital / development capital).

She was Investment Director at Crédit Agricole Private Equity before joining Predica where she was responsible for managing and monitoring the equity, private equity and infrastructure asset classes.

Magali Chessé is an administrator of RGDS, the Frey property company, the airport hub 2i Aeroporti and a member of the Supervisory Board of Elis.

She also represents Predica on the Board of Directors of Siparex Associés (observer) and on the Supervisory Board of Tivana France Holdings – TDF Group (observer).

Magali Chessé is member of the Supervisory Committee of Infra Foch Topco, of the Supervisory board of Indigo Group and of the audit and risks as well as Nominations and Remunerations committees.

Mounir Corm

Mounir Corm, Deputy CEO and Founding Partner of Vauban Infrastructure Partners, was until 2019 Deputy Head of the Mirova General Infrastructure activity, which he actively developed since 2008.

He has developed an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the core infrastructure market. During the course of his career, Mounir has worked on over €2bn of equity investments on a number of European core infrastructure assets and was actively involved in the development and fundraising of new funds, helping develop the European growth of the business as well as its international client base. He has led the team’s origination and deal execution strategies.

Previously, he worked in public sector consulting at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Paris. He is a graduate of Sciences-Po Paris and HEC.

Mounir Corm is an active member of the Institut Français des Administrateurs and a member of several boards of directors of companies operating in various infrastructure fields in Europe, including Oslofjord Värme in Norway, Alis (concessionaire of the A28 motorway), OcVia (company holding the contract for the management of the high-speed line between Nîmes and Montpellier) and Arema (social infrastructure) in France.

He is member of the Supervisory committee of Infra Foch TopCo, Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Indigo Group and member of the Audit and Risks, Nominations and Remunerations as well as Investments committees.

Romain Uthurriague

Romain Uthurriague joined Vauban Infrastructure Partners in 2010, where he is Investment Director. He has successfully took part in the development of its Infrastructure activity and played a key role in Mirova‘s major transactions such as Indigo Group, Metro of Malaga and the refinancing of Alis

Prior to joining Vauban Infrastructure Partners, he started his career at Natixis in the Project Finance activities. He is graduated from both Ecole Supérieure d’Electronique de Paris and EM Lyon.

Romain Uthurriague is notably board member of Alis (concessionaire of the A28 motorway).

Romain Uthurriague is member of the Supervisory Board of Indigo Group and of the Investments committee.

Dominik Schall

Dominik Schall is a Senior Asset Manager in MEAG’s Illiquid Assets team focusing on infrastructure equity. He joined MEAG in 2016 as an Investment Manager and has been involved in MEAG’s renewable energy transactions as well as the infrastructure asset management in several European countries. Prior to joining MEAG, he worked in different positions in the energy industry in Germany and Singapore.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of T-Solar Global Operating Assets S.L. and also represents MEAG as an observer in the Shareholder Committee of Autobahn Tank & Rast Group.

He graduated from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Business Engineering and holds a PhD from Technical University of Munich (TUM) in behavioral energy economics.

Dominik Schall is member of the Supervisory committee of Infra Foch TopCo, the Supervisory Board of Indigo Group and the Audit and Risks, Nominations and Remunerations as well as Investments committees.

Manuela Rath

Manuela Rath is a Senior Investment Manager within MEAG’s Infrastructure Equity team. She has been with MEAG since 2017 and currently focuses on direct infrastructure investments across sectors. Before joining MEAG she worked at Crédit Agricole’s Energy and Infrastructure Group in New York as well as the credit-arm of Tetragon in New York and London.

She graduated with a Master’s degree from the Vienna University of Business and Economics.

She also represents MEAG at the board of Autobahn Tank & Rast Group.

Manuela Rath is member of the Supervisory committee of Infra Foch TopCo, the Supervisory Board of Indigo Group and the Audit and Risks, Nominations and Remunerations as well as Investments committees.

Rania Ioualalen

Rania Ioualalen has been an investment manager at Crédit Agricole Assurances in the Equity Infrastructure department since 2022. Prior to joining Predica, she worked at Access Capital Partners in the Infrastructure Investment Department.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of Eolia Renovables, Tunels de Barcelona i Cadi and Dunkerque LNG and an observer on the Board of Movhera.

She is a graduate of EDHEC Business School.

Rania Ioualalen is a member of the Supervisory Committee of Infra Foch Topco, the Supervisory Board of Indigo Group, the Investment Committee, the Audit and Risks Committee as well as the Nomination and Remuneration Committee.


Infra Foch Topco S.A.S.

Infra Foch Topco holds 99,60% of the share capital of Indigo Group, the remainder being held by a Fonds Commun de Placement d’Entreprise held by the group employees.

Mr. Sébastien FRAISSE, who joined Indigo Group in October 2012, is President of Infra Foch Topco since 1 April 2023.

Infra Foch Topco, a French simplified joint-stock company, has a Supervisory Committee composed of four members:

The share capital of Infra Foch Topco is held by Crédit Agricole Assurances, holding 47.83% through PREDICA and Crédit Agricole Assurances Retraite, by Vauban Infrastructure Partners, holding 33,38%, by MR Infrastructure Investment GmbH (MEAG) holding 14,44%, and by Infra Foch Topco itself with treasury shares representing 0.34%, the remainder being held by the Group’s management.


Indigo Group S.A.

Indigo Group  is a French joint-stock company with an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board (société anonyme à directoire et conseil de surveillance).

In addition to Mr. Sébastien FRAISSE who chairs, the Executive Board is composed of Mr. Edouard RISSO, Deputy Managing Director, Finances and Americas area, Mr. Xavier HEULIN, Deputy Managing Director, Urban Shift and Mrs. Valérie OHANNESSIAN, General Secretary.

The Supervisory Board has six members and one observer:



Committees have been set up to assist Infra Foch Topco’s Supervisory Committee and Indigo Group’s Supervisory Board in their work:


Shareholders of Indigo Group S.A.
About Crédit Agricole Assurances
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About MEAG

The company Indigo Group S.A. holds 100% of Indigo Infra S.A.S.’ (previously named VINCI Park) share capital. Indigo Infra S.A.S. is itself held 99,60% by Infra Foch Topco S.A.S. (the remainder being held by a Fonds Commun de Placement d’Entreprise held by the Indigo Group employees).

The share capital of Infra Foch Topco is held by Crédit Agricole Assurances, holding 47.83% through PREDICA and Crédit Agricole Assurances Retraite, by Vauban Infrastructure Partners, holding 33,38%, by MR Infrastructure Investment GmbH (MEAG) holding 14,44%, and by Infra Foch Topco itself with treasury shares representing 0.34%, the remainder being held by the Group’s management.

Crédit Agricole Assurances is the leading insurance company in France and comprises the insurance subsidiaries of Crédit Agricole, including Prédica. It offers a range of products and services covering savings, retirement, health, personal protection and property insurance, distributed by the Crédit Agricole Group banks in France and by wealth management advisors and insurance agents in nine other countries. The Crédit Agricole Assurances companies serve individual customers, professional clients, farmers and businesses. Crédit Agricole Assurances employs 4,600 people and generated revenue of €33.5bn in 2018 (IFRS).


Vauban Infrastructure Partners is a leading Infrastructure Asset Manager focused on European core infrastructure investments. Based in Paris & Luxembourg, it employs 35 professionals working together since a decade. Vauban targets predominantly brownfield mid-market sustainable investments pursuing a long-term yield driven strategy matching the underlying nature of assets and long-term commitment to all stakeholders’ interest through a strong focus on creating sustainable value. Vauban has raised €3.0 billion across 5 funds in Core infrastructure from over 40 investors within 10 different countries; and has realized over 50 investments in transport, utilities, social & digital infrastructure across 8 different geographies.


MEAG is a Munich Re Company and the asset manager of Munich Re and ERGO and also offers its vast expertise to third-party institutional and private clients. Across its locations in Europe, North America and Asia, MEAG manages total investments valued at €270bn. Since 2009, MEAG has been building a strong diversified infrastructure equity and debt portfolio, with teams based in Munich and New York City.