To make travel more fluid and contribute to a more peaceful city, INDIGO is making soft mobility a focus of development and support for its customers, by encouraging cycling and deploying charging stations for electric vehicles in its parking areas. INDIGO has imagined innovative and complementary offers implemented in major cities around the world: INDIGO® Weel and Smovengo shared mobility services (in charge of operating the Parisian Vélib’), partnership with Bouygues Energies & Services and Nissan for the deployment of electric recharging stations, implementation of secure parking spaces and services for bicycles, deployment of a fleet of bicycles for companies, etc.


INDIGO Weel electric bikes and scooters

+24 000

Bikes with Smovengo for Vélib’


charging points for electric vehicles

If we want to have more peaceful cities without curbing travel, then the bicycle is a solution for the future and cycling must be encouraged and made safe, with dedicated and secure offers for local communities, companies and individuals.

Thomas Bimson, Director of INDIGO Central Europe

Shared electric bike and scooter services
Secure bicycle parking
Bicycle fleet for companies
Electric charging points

Based on several years of experience with Smovengo and INDIGO Weel, INDIGO implements shared mobility solutions for large and medium sized cities for city dwellers. Smovengo is present in Paris and the region of Ile de France with nearly 1400 stations offering bicycles and electrically assisted bicycles and INDIGO Weel in Toulouse, providing its users with an average of nearly 700 two-wheeled vehicles (electric scooters and bicycles).

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Faced with the growing demand of city dwellers, INDIGO develops “bicycles stations” that offer secure parking and services for these two wheels. Dedicated areas, secure access, redesigned routes… these new custom-designed spaces can be accompanied by services: lockers for personal belongings, repair shop, inflation workshop…

Find out more about the bicycle station of Antwerp, Montparnasse, or Strasbourg.

Based on the same model as that of shared bicycles for local authorities, INDIGO offers companies the opportunity to promote bicycle travel on their industrial sites to meet environmental challenges and limit the use of motorized vehicles. The offer includes the provision of bicycles, terminals, and the application for easy and fluid use by employees on site.

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INDIGO accompanies the growing use of electric cars by equipping its parking lots with electric recharging stations.

  • to contribute to the objectives of the French State, INDIGO seals a partnership with Bouygues Energies & Services to intensify the network of charging points in France.
  • in Spain, INDIGO is partnering with Nissan, which has the largest private network of fast recharges in the country, to develop new charging points. The objective is to cover not only urban travel but also longer distances.

“Park & charge” combined offers can be developed to facilitate their use.