Our focus is to make moving around towns and cities  easier. To meet everyone’s needs and the challenges of communities, we are developing new individual mobility solutions that are complementary, simple to use and environmentally friendly. Indigo has created its Mobility and Digital Solutions offering  innovative and complementary services which are being implemented in major cities around the world, such as INDIGO® weel, a new service which offers self-service bikes and scooters, without the need for docking-stations.

By bringing together its digital mobility solutions such as OPnGO, FAXI and INDIGO® weel, the Indigo  group aims to offer services for all personal mobility needs in urban areas: shared and environmentally friendly mobility across towns and cities reservation of parking spaces, simplified payment solutions for on-street parking, car-sharing etc.


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“Getting involved in the shared, eco-responsible and connected individual mobility market is at the heart of our strategy. With a focus on multi-modal mobility, our ambition is to meet the needs of the inhabitants of towns and cities,  by offering faster, environmentally friendly and economical individual mobility solutions, especially in congested areas.”

Paul Valencia, Mobility and Digital Solutions Manager