Published on 28.10.2020

Aligned with the vision of the car park of the future, a place connected to its environment and providing new solutions for the city of tomorrow, INDIGO is launching two new partnerships in Belgium. One concerns the creation of urban logistics spaces with Urbeez, a start up offering ecological cargo bike delivery in two Brussels car parks and the second consists of the installation of Green Mobility shared vehicle stations in our Antwerp car parks.

Urbeez is a delivery solution that operates with cargo bikes in the city of Brussels. The service is very simple to use: the costumer requests a free quote on the site, then Urbeez sales staff get in touch and here you go! Cargo bikes or electric trucks pick up the items from the customers or take them to the Urbeez urban depots, which are located in the INDIGO car parks. Finally, our delivery drivers deliver to the end customers on signature. A track & trace system allows everyone to know in real time where the package is.

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Indigo offers Urbeez a dedicated and secure space in the Royal and Thon car parks so that they can ensure the logistics of their service. In exchange, Urbeez installs INDIGO promotional offers on its delivery bikes.

In addition to relieving congestion and limiting pollution in urban areas, cyclo-logistics provides solutions to economic and social challenges: it creates new jobs, enhances their value, and offers a professional activity to people with no particular training in an innovative sector. To find out more about our partner Urbeez, click here.

Green Mobility is a Danish shared mobility company, offering an electric car rental service thanks to a dedicated application. On 1 October 2020, it launched more than 100 zero-emission shared cars on the Antwerp market. Green Mobility was looking for a parking partner in Antwerp to host its service and enable the electric recharging of the vehicles. As INDIGO manages many car parks, the partnership came about naturally.

Today, Green Mobility customers can pick up and drop off a 100% electric car in an Indigo car park such as Parking Groenplaats and Parking Antwerp Airport.

As all cars are 100% electric, INDIGO provides exclusive charging stations for Green Mobility.