Published on 27.07.2020

Indigo Belgium was proud to inaugurate this July 10, 2020, our 12th car park in the city of Antwerp alongside the personalities representing Mobility & Tourism. Located in the heart of the city and connected to the other urban mobility facilities (tram, metro…), this impressive 339-space construction was designed based on an idea by the Spanish architect Manuel de Sola-Morales.

This 10-year contract includes, in addition to the operation of the car park, the creation and management of 12 INDIGO Weel soft mobility stations (bicycles, electric bikes and scooters).

On 10 July 2020, the Antwerp Parking Opera was inaugurated by Koen Kennis (Alderman for Mobility & Tourism in Antwerp (N-VA)) and Philippe Vranckx, Director of Indigo Belgium. This infrastructure is accessible via a tunnel linking the south and north of the city and interconnected with public transport. It is located in the heart of Antwerp and will provide the Antwerp inhabitants with an additional 339 parking spaces.


A city centre car park for all types of mobility

Indigo Belgium has invested to  finance renovation work and the equipment of the 350-space bicycle parking facility. This concession, granted by MPA (Mobiliteit Parkeren Antwerpen) includes the operation of the car park for a period of 10 years. In addition, in order to support the city’s mobility policy and develop complementary modes of transport, the contract includes the launch of Indigo Weel’s “green floating” project, with the creation of 12 soft mobility stations in the city’s Indigo car parks. As a result, 100 bicycles, 30 electric bicycles and 30 electric scooters will be made available to the people of Antwerp by the first semester  of 2021.

The Parking Opera is part of a large mobility centre with metro, tram and bus connections from all over the city. It will also offer a wide range of shared cars that will be made available to tourists and residents at an affordable price.


A remarkable architecture

 This magnificent work was designed on an idea by the Spanish architect Manuel de Sola-Morales. These three levels presented in the form of open platforms propose an original circulation and design.

Historically, about 16 and 18 metres below the Opera Square (the equivalent of level 3), tunnels from the 60s and 70s were unused because of their steep entrances and exits. Therefore, the architect decided to convert them into parking spaces and to build new tunnels on level 2.

Anyone driving from the south to the north of the city through the tunnel will undoubtedly see the red parking signs. These refer to the red seats of the Opera House next to it.


Indigo is offering a promotional price during the summer holidays (a daily rate of 6 €/day). If you want to spend a day in Antwerp, the Opera car park is the ideal place to park your car near many shops, bars and restaurants!


Discover the video of the Opera Car Park here