Published on 15.07.2020

Accompanying people in professional difficulty, offering them a new path by giving everyone a chance is part of Indigo’s DNA. To reward its actions in the field of reintegration, the Flemish regional organisation COMPAAN gives INDIGO Belgium the inclusiveness prize in June 2020.

“Years ago, we found that the ideal candidate didn’t really exist. The ideal employee is formed within the company. It is training, integration and collaboration that makes the initial candidate the employee who will contribute to the success of the teams and the company and make them feel good about their work.” Ellen Soete, HR Director Indigo Belgium

Indigo has been working with integration organisations for many years in Flandres and Wallonia. They accompany people with certain disabilities, those who have not been able to complete their studies, or those who have dropped out of the labour market so that they can find a permanent job. These partnerships enable Indigo to integrate a wide variety of profiles and people, in the image of Belgium. In addition, we have a strong training and mobility policy to enable all our talents to blossom and evolve in their work.

Indigo is proud to be able to contribute to a more inclusive society but also to make the economy more sustainable thanks to this.

“The advantage of this policy is that it is supported by the company and employees and there is mutual understanding and awareness.
Through our experience we can say that inclusion works, that a company works as a reflection of a society and that makes us stronger.” Ellen Soete, HR Director Indigo Belgium

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