Indigo Canada is proud to announce the signing of a major agreement with VIA Rail. As of May 1st 2016, 22 VIA Rail stations equipped with paid parking between Winnipeg and Halifax will count on the Indigo teams based in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and Halifax to manage their parking lots. The handover between the VIA Rail teams, or other private operators, and the Indigo teams will occur in four stages.

Indigo has been already operating 4 parking lots out of the stations, and will be adding 18 new locations. During this term, Western Canada VIA Rail stations parking lots could also be added to the portfolio.

This strategic partnership will in particularly enables our Canadian teams to consolidate and expand our technology tools: smart customer assistance ConnecparkMD, smart parking new generation meters, online booking system and mobile app.

Our goal now is to ensure optimal transition and fulfill the expectations of VIA Rail passengers across Canada.

VIA Rail, independent Crown Corporation, operates the national passenger rail service in Canada for the federal government since 1977. The company’s mandate is to provide bilingual, safe, efficient, reliable, economical and sustainable transportation services. VIA Rail mostly offers intercity trips on the Quebec-Windsor corridor, and long travel routes between Vancouver-Toronto and Montreal-Halifax.

VIA Rail in figures:

– 143 stations spread over 12 500km network linking 400 communities;
– Nearly four million passengers in 2015;
– Nearly a billion dollars in investment since 2007.