Published on 08.12.2021

Since May 21, 2021, the car Parking Centre-Flon in Lausanne Switzerland is hosting small electric transport vehicle. This unique project, developed in collaboration with the city of Lausanne, promote sustainable logistics transportation.

The SMARGO service allows people to rent electric utility vehicles by the hour, to transport goods and avoid CO2 emissions!

The offer is for both professionals and private individuals, to make deliveries, waste disposal, supplies, event logistics or the transport of large goods.

Three types of vehicles are available:

  • an electrically-assisted cargo bike capable of carrying up to 200 kg of cargo;
  • three-wheeled electric scooter that can carry up to 130 kg of goods at 30 km/h;
  • Finally, the Goupil, a compact four-wheeled vehicle that can carry a load of more than one ton and travel at 45 km/h.

The results are  positive, with an average duration of use of 5 hours per vehicle and a number of users that doubled between September and October 2021.

Thanks to the strategic location of its parking lots in the heart of the city and its strategy to offer always more services to city, INDIGO is continuing to develop this type of partnership by opening its spaces for the logistics, storage and individual mobility sectors.