Published on 01.10.2020

LAZ Parking, Indigo’s joint-venture in the USA, offers new, state-of-the-art services on the american market to prevent the risk of COVID-19 transmission and to better serve its customers. They have been particularly successful in the context of the current health crisis, which has enabled us to accelerate the digitalisation of our customer relation.

Developed in close partnership with the INDIGO North American team, the technology platform and related digital services are also available in Canada and more recently some in Brazil. Discover them now!

LAZ PreScreen:

An innovative new service that pre-screens visitors as soon as they arrive, before they enter a workplace or meeting place. This fully digitalized service measures the temperature of the visitors and displays their results on a tablet. It is developed in partnership with Vizsafe (crowdsourcing and communication solutions for safety and security applications) and USHealthyWork, which approved and controlled the processes implemented in this context. To find out more, follow this link:

LAZ technology, an offer that gather all our new technologies and expertise such as:

  • LAZ Parking app: as handy and powerful as your phone, the LAZ Parking app is making searching, finding and paying for parking as fast and easy as just a few taps. You can now pay with face recognition!
  • Text to Park: Provide your customers with quick, convenient cashless parking as easy as sending a text. For un-gated lots and events, Text to Park gives you the power of the LAZgo payment system, with the simplicity of a text.
  • Round the clock customer care: The LAZ Customer Care Center is a 24/7/365, centralized customer service solution that provides real-time support, management and automation tools.
  • Business intelligence expertise: LAZ BI collects parking, demographic, sales and weather data and transforms it into actionable business insights. Optimize occupancy, oversell, labor schedules and rates to maximize profits.

Find out more on our dedicated website: