Published on 10.03.2021

As part of its reflection on its new positioning, the INDIGO Group carried out a European survey in December 2020 and January 2021 on the use of car parks and its evolution in terms of sustainable development. Conducted in partnership with the students of EM Lyon, this survey highlights the importance of integrating this theme into our offers and services.

The study includes almost 1500 respondents from France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland. More than 73% of them consider it is very important that the evolution of our car parks and their services are in line with Sustainable Development. The key themes for making car parks part of a more sustainable world are the environment and the quality of life in the city. Among the environmental and societal challenges on which INDIGO has a role to play in the future, the improvement of the quality of life in cities (electric recharging stations, soft mobility…) is the best rated. According to the respondents, the offers of parking and services dedicated to mobilities to be developed are those related to electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars as well as bicycles and electric bicycles.

Download the results in PDF format

INDIGO takes these results into account and reinforces its strategy by investing in different themes such as the deployment of electric recharging stations, secure bicycle parking and the development of its soft mobility services.