Published on 04.11.2020

In line with our CSR company’s objectives to increase our positive footprint, INDIGO Brazil has been carrying a multidisciplinary project to propose new uses and destinations for the Indigo uniforms that would be discarded.

We counted more than 240kg of clothes at the launch of the pilot and about 90% of them could get a second life! 

The programme includes three categories:

  • The uniforms that were slightly damaged, are restored and sanitized, then being donated to philanthropic institutions; we could restore and sanitize about 200 trousers and 50 ties during this first test.
  • The uniforms that are damaged go through the upcycling process (about 65% of them). Starting from the fabrics, we created new uses for them like: 300 cases (created for donation to schools), 200 masks (to distribution in our office), 400 ecobags (to give to new employees on the first day of work) and 500 ecobags (used for prospects).
  • Finally, the uniforms that are too damage to allow any type of reuse intends to co-processing to manufacture other products.

To accompany this work and new processes, we partnered with Ciclo Reverso, a company specialized in Waste Reuse plans and all the works are made by women from the local community who are members of social programs.

Today, we are reaching a rate of reuse of uniforms of almost 90%, a great success of this new process that will be sustained in the upcoming years.