Published on 19.11.2019

Since becoming partners in 2014, the leading global parking provider Indigo and the EDF subsidiary and e-mobility specialist IZIVIA have rolled out 500 charging points in France. 120 more charging points are currently being rolled out and will be accessible shortly, creating a national network of electric charging points to meet the growing need generated by our new mobility habits.

In 2018 alone, around 10,000 charges were effected via IZIVIA points across the Indigo network. The points were accessed by 1,600 e-vehicle users in 2018, delivering around 120,000 kWh. The partnership is part of a global strategy for meeting two objectives:

  • Offering Indigo customers a system for charging their e-vehicle while they are parked
  • Providing car drivers with local charging points in urban situations

In line with the aims of the partnership, charging networks are located in a wide range of different situations: major stores, rail stations, hospitals, cultural venues, leisure areas, office blocks and shopping centres. Indigo charging points are currently distributed as follows:

  • 190 charging points in Paris
  • 151 charging points across Ile de France
  • 159 charging points across the rest of France

All points are intercommunicating and interoperable. This interoperability gives customers from various charging networks hassle-free access to our charging points.

“Indigo was the first parking provider to offer an electric vehicle recharging service. Since 2014, we have drawn on the expertise of IZIVIA in the field to assist us with this ambitious project. We aim to make life easier for car drivers who have decided to go electric and support local communities in their energy transition policy. The 500 points located throughout France support our vision of mobility in the future: durable, accessible and ergonomic” said Sébastien Fraisse, Executive vice-president and France Managing Director of Indigo.

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