Published on 14.09.2016

For more than 50 years Indigo has been innovating to transform parking into a tool compatible with optimised management of public areas and personal mobility, making parking efficiency a primary focus of its efforts. To improve the lives of motorists and assist in meeting the requirements of communities, Indigo is launching a new digital parking service through its partner OPnGO.

‘We are confident that the future of parking lies in a digital transformation of that sector,’ stated Serge Clémente, president of Indigo. ‘We are opening up our car parks to the OPnGO technological platform so that users can enjoy real-time access to our services via a convenient app for both on and off-street parking. We are seeking to provide a solution to drivers that positions them to find the best available parking at the lowest rate in order to save them time and travel. Our offer is also ideal for communities since streamlining the parking process helps to reduce city traffic caused by drivers looking for parking spaces¹ as well as reduce congestion in city centres.’

Indigo’s promise
With the addition of this new partner and the launch of its app in June 2016, Indigo’s promise is simple: to offer users parking in the right place, at the right time and at the right price while also generating more traffic to its car parks! The company is also pledging to offer an entirely redesigned customer experience including hands-free access, mobile payment and geolocation of all available parking solutions. At the same time, Indigo is continuing to invest massively in digital and other new technologies at its sites.

OPnGO, preferred partner of INDIGO
Indigo and OPnGO now offer drivers digital access to the most comprehensive parking offer in the market including public, on-street and shared private car parks. Under this initiative, Indigo is providing OPnGO access to more than 100 car parks and 70,000 parking spaces throughout Île de France and support for on-street parking (through e.g. mobile payment) as well as implementation of the company’s plans to deploy nationwide and then internationally by the end of 2016.

The OPnGO offer: simplified parking for users

A more comprehensive parking offer for community and corporate clients
The OPnGO app rounds out Indigo’s parking offer to upstream customers with service that :

  • improves urban mobility by streamlining vehicle flows and reducing traffic.
  • optimises parking availability: OPnGO directs drivers to available spaces, thereby promoting optimal occupancy of car parks.
  • facilitates parking use and enhances user satisfaction: the digitalisation of the OPnGO customer experience means convenience, savings and saved time.
  • supports local public policies governing mobility: OPnGO enables refined segmentation of car park client groups and development of pricing policies aligned to local realities (e.g. special rates for clean vehicles).

The OPnGO app is free to download on iOS and Android or at



¹ Drivers looking for parking spaces account for an estimated 25% of urban traffic –
Source: Cerema Chronos, February 2014


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