Published on 07.01.2021

United States, Brazil, China, Canada, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, France… Despite the difficult context of the year 2020, INDIGO continues its growth with the operation of new parking lots on all continents, in countries with strong development as well as in more mature countries.

In the United States, INDIGO has just completed the acquisition of its first freehold parking lot: the Hudson Tea Garage, located in Hoboken, New Jersey. This 1,250-space parking facility is ideally located to serve the north of this vibrant city, as well as Manhattan, due to its proximity to the Lincoln Tunnel and the Hudson River shuttle service. LAZ Parking, 50% owned by INDIGO since 2007, which manages more than one million parking spaces across the country, will operate this new asset.

In Brazil, INDIGO takes over the operation of a 1,200-space parking lot for a 20-year period at Ibirapuera Park, one of the largest green spaces in Latin America receiving more than 14 million visitors per year, located in the city of São Paulo. INDIGO will invest to improve the reception of motorists by modernizing the park (access, automatic gates, security system, services) while lowering rates, thus improving the customer experience.

Established in China for one year, through a joint venture with Sunsea Parking, the leader of the parking market in China, INDIGO has just signed a new 17-year contract in Anshun city, for the management of 1,800 connected street parking spaces. Sunsea Indigo has also just been selected by the city of Dongfang to operate 3,000 street parking spaces and a 520-space parking lot for a 30-year period. China is the country that drives car sales worldwide and has the greatest need to structure its parking offer. Sunsea Indigo aspires to be the leader in this promising market by becoming a true long-term partner of Chinese cities. The joint venture, which had signed two significant contracts in 2019, in Zhaoqing and Zunyi, is approaching 2021 with many opportunities ahead.

In Canada, INDIGO is strengthening its position by taking 100% of the capital of Westpark, in which it has held a 50% stake since mid-2015. WestPark operates 267 parking lots in British Columbia and Alberta, while INDIGO Canada manages nearly 800 parking lots (250,000 spaces) with nearly 2,500 employees. The activities of the two operators will merge in early 2021.

In Poland, INDIGO is positioning itself on the emerging market of concession parking thanks to its brand-new subsidiary INDIGO Polska. The group has just acquired a majority stake in the concession company of the largest parking lot in Wroclaw, 3rd largest city in Poland. This parking lot, located in the city center, has 333 spaces. It will be operated by INDIGO Polska for a period of 30 years.

In Switzerland, INDIGO completes its portfolio of concessions in Lausanne where the group already operates three of the largest parking lots in the city. INDIGO is now the majority shareholder of the company holding the concession of the Port of Ouchy parking lot for 30 years. This parking lot, located on the shores of the Lake Leman, offers 850 places. It joins the INDIGO park in the Swiss city, next to the Centre, Gare and Mon-Repos parking lots.

In Belgium, INDIGO continues its development and confirms its leading position with the operation in Antwerp of the Opera parking lot (339 spaces) for a period of 10 years. To complement and support the city’s mobility policy, the contract includes the launch of the “Green floating” project with the creation of INDIGO Weel soft mobility stations in the city’s 12 INDIGO parking lots. These stations will offer self-service electric bicycles and scooters.

Finally, INDIGO is also expanding in France despite the difficult economic context. The group has significantly strengthened its presence in Nice in 2020 with the acquisition of seven parkings. The Masséna parking lot (325 spaces) and the Saleya parking lot (572 spaces under the emblematic flower market of the Cours Saleya) joined the 5 SEMIACS parking lots acquired in the first half of the year (Magnan – 310 spaces, St-Roch – 75 spaces, Arénas – 1396 spaces, Palais Méditerranée – 501 spaces, Palais Risso – 54 spaces). The Group also invested in Metz by becoming the owner of the emblematic St Jacques parking lot (1,200 spaces).