Published on 21.09.2021

Paris-La Défense, September 21, 2021.

INDIGO plans to significantly ramp up the installation of electric vehicle charging points across its car parks in France and the rest of Europe by 2025. The Group is also gearing up to launch ultra-fast electric vehicle charging hubs by the end of 2022.

INDIGO, the world’s leading provider of parking and mobility solutions, has long been at the forefront of electric mobility, offering its customers charging solutions in car parks throughout France and the rest of Europe. INDIGO has stepped up its commitment to electric vehicle charging infrastructure development by aiming for over 10,000 charging points in Europe (including 8,000 in France) by 2025.

Additionally, in a move that will benefit its parking members and all electric vehicle users, INDIGO is gearing up to launch ultra-fast electric vehicle charging hubs primarily aimed at mobility stakeholders and fleets (car rental companies, private hire vehicles, taxis and company car fleets) in 2022. We will create real ‘service’ stations with ultra-fast electric vehicle charging points specifically tailored to the needs of our corporate customers.

INDIGO car parks currently have 650 charging points, a figure that will rise to 2,250 in France by the end of 2022.

The Group’s car parks in Paris will be equipped with almost 1,000 charging points by the end of 2025.

This upward trend also applies to other parts of France, as a number of charging points are due to be rolled out in all major cities in France, starting with Mulhouse, Marseille and Toulouse.

The current charging points are available to people subscribed to our “Park & Charge” service, holders of the Alizé charging card issued by our partner Bouygues Énergies et Services, or any other electric mobility card, as we have signed roaming agreements, in accordance with European standards.

INDIGO actively promotes electric mobility by ensuring this service is accessible to everyone. In the past 12 months in France, over 30,000 vehicles have been connected to the charging points available in INDIGO car parks. Users got 29,000 kilometers of range from 320,000 hours of charge, avoiding six metric tons of carbon emissions in the process.