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Since its inception, our Group has worked with cities to make them more dynamic, more sustainable and above all more pleasant to live in for all their residents. For us and for our partners the city authorities, it is about how we can improve the way we share every aspect of the city. Of course, it starts with rethinking the way public spaces are shared between pedestrians, cars and other modes of transport, both private and public.

But it is also about creating economically prosperous cities without compromising the environment. About cities which, on the contrary, open up avenues for virtuous development. Lastly, it is about creating cities where everyone – the young, the elderly, families, workers, etc. – instinctively feel at home.

Serge Clémente,

President of the Indigo Group

Slices of city life -
Car parks, the beating hearts of the neighbourhood

Parking of the future

Facilitating urban logistics, revitalising city centres, providing access to water and heat resources from underground, freeing up public spaces above ground… INDIGO Group has invented in partnership with Dominique Perrault, a renowned architect and specialist in reinventing underground spaces, the car park of the future.

Our commitments

Our Group is the world leader for parking and individual mobility. In addition to sustained organic growth in all our businesses, we invest more than 100 million euros each year to accelerate the Group’s development. At this time of digitisation and collective awareness of the importance of our planet, Indigo Group and its subsidiaries must be audacious, pioneering, responsible and conscious of the challenges of tomorrow.

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