Ten months after the construction of the  Arcachon railway station car park, it opened its doors in July 2017. It encompasses 3,900 m2 and 147 spaces, including three  spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility, three motorcycle spaces, 10 bicycle spaces and two spaces reserved for electric vehicles, equipped with Sodetrel charging points.

This car park also features a modern payment system, including electronic toll collection and contactless payment to make trips easier for users, who can check the number of available spaces in real time on the Park Indigo app.

It is also equipped with Indigo Neo technology, an Indigo partner app, which enables visitors to seamlessly pre-pay for their parking, made possible by automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

In addition to visitors and permitted users, this car park is designed to host long-term clients by marketing leased spaces, a parking model that makes it possible for buyers to reserve a regular parking space for several decades.

Indigo has a special connection with Nouvelle Aquitaine, we are proud of our partnership with the community of Arcachon. Following the Centre-Ville Plage car park, which was the starting point for this collaboration, this further car park is a pledge that the public service concession model still has a bright future ahead. Alongside the community of Arcachon, Indigo has successfully carried out a comprehensive project that includes the design, financing and management of the railway station car park, which we hope users will be fully satisfied with.

Sébastien Fraisse, Indigo Executive Vice-President France