Canadian Tire Centre is a sports and cultural arena with a capacity of 20,000 that hosts over 120 events and nearly one million spectators per year. The Ottawa Senators (NHL) play 40 games annually.

Indigo manages the arena’s car parks on a daily basis and has worked closely with the Ottawa Senators since 1996. We have been involved in numerous projects that aim to facilitate access to the site and reduce travel time for users before and after events, including creating new exits, fully renovating flooring and completely modernising the payment system for events. Indigo is also a financial partner of several investments; indeed, the car parks require significant improvements in order to optimise customer experience.

On-street parking management advice
Pricing advice and revenue management
Inspection and collection

Helping local authorities develop transport policies

On-street parking is a key element of urban management and local policy. As recognised experts in France and internationally, we can act as an important partner for local authorities as they develop their urban mobility solutions and smart-cities.

Indigo helps its clients optimise their pricing policies and maximise their parking space utilisation rates. Thanks to our experience in strategic monitoring (business intelligence, revenue and yield management) in the parking sector, Indigo is able to offer a full pricing and financial  service for all types of parking facility: airports, hotels, railway stations, hospitals and town-centre parking etc.

Proven experience in inspections and penalties

With twenty years of experience in parking inspections and collections in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Spain, we can take over all or part of the management process, adapting our approach to each town’s policies and budget.