Airbus Helicopters is one of the world’s leading helicopter manufacturers with a headquarters in Marignane spread over more than 300 hectares. The site employs over 10,000 people, including 3,000 subcontractors, and is composed of several buildings and facilities, some of which are more than one kilometre apart.

Airbus Helicopters, in line with its commitment to sustainable development and quality of life for its employees, wanted to implement a private shared mobility solution to replace the 1,500 cars that were previously on the site.

With V’HELICO, Airbus Helicopters wants to offer its employees a clean, pleasant and connected mobility service to secure and facilitate travels between its various buildings.
Airbus Helicopters has chosen the solution of self-service bicycles with mandatory parking at a dockstation. The service required is a packaged solution with maintenance and regulation. The specifications demand a fluid user experience and a strong involvement of the service provider in communication, both towards the employees to promote usage and towards Airbus Helicopters to monitor the performance of the service during the contract period.

After only a few weeks, we see that INDIGO Weel has been quickly adopted by the employees.