Indigo manages parking and valet service for the two terminals, co-ordinates the flow of passengers and vehicles around the terminal and provides strategic advice for operations. We process 15,000 permit stickers a month, and valets from our subsidiary Northern Valet park nearly 300,000 vehicles a year.

Indigo has contributed to a number of major developments, notably by implementing its advanced business intelligence (BI) and predictive analytics solutions in virtually every facet of the operation. A result of Indigo’s four major distinct strengths—its highly advanced integrated software chains, the expertise of its analysts, its comprehensive data-processing capabilities and its profound sense of commitment to partnership with its clients—these solutions make it possible to anticipate traffic, modulate pricing, optimise staffing levels, be more responsive to expectations and maximise profits for each space.

In terms of operations, by restructuring valet service, we were able to more quickly process clients and do away with the previously obligatory double parking; the creation of a team of mobile attendants to help passengers unload their luggage has improved traffic flow around the terminal. We have also reviewed and secured the cash flow process in collaboration with Brink’s.

Indigo’s expertise and creativity generate significant gains in productivity, improved services for users and passengers and increased revenue.