A concept car park , modern architecture and elaborate design focused on the convenience and efficient flow of users, which optimised the traffic in two great avenues of the centre of the city. Indigo Centre has an innovative architectural design and an imposing structure, which stands out in the eyes of those who pass through the centre of the city.

The biggest differential of the Indigo Centre  is the way traffic now flows, it is  is designed so that, even if it is one-way, it allows you to move up and down regardless of your position within the car park

Rafael Rangel, Architect @ Indigo

On-street parking management advice

Remote operation and the Connecpark™ service

Based in our National Remote Operation and Assistance Centres, our team can offer help whenever needed, supporting the user’s journey through the car park thanks to an optimised remote operation system, available 24/7.

Helping local authorities develop transport policies

On-street parking is a key element of urban management and local policy. As recognised experts in France and internationally, we can act as an important partner for local authorities as they develop their urban mobility solutions and smart-cities.