Over the years, parking in the city centre has become a true obstacle course. Communities are paying more attention to urban mobility issues: traffic flow, parking, etc.

Indigo is now offering its knowledge and expertise to more than seventeen regionsacross the country. The metered parking system, with around 2,600 active machines and no fewer than 65,000 on-street parking spaces, requires 15 qualified full-time technicians who monitor, maintain and provide quality assurance on a daily basis.

Indigo offers clients the following flawless, high-quality services under contract:

  • Parking equipment SALE and INSTALLATION
  • Complete MANAGEMENT and MAINTENANCE of the metered parking system
  • COLLECTION of funds
  • COUNTING of funds for its clients

Despite the demands of managing technical and technological equipment (weather, vandalism, etc.), Indigo demonstrates expertise by offering complete management and maintenance of the metered parking system, including regular preventive servicing, real-time display of the status of the machines and close collaboration with traffic wardens.

Indigo has significant experience with a number of services, such as cash collection We offer our clients the service of collecting funds from all parking meters, which is then counted and verified by a specialised and dedicated team.

Pricing advice and revenue management
On-street operation and maintenance
Inspection and collection

Indigo helps its clients optimise their pricing policies and maximise their parking space utilisation rates. Thanks to our experience in strategic monitoring (business intelligence, revenue and yield management) in the parking sector, Indigo is able to offer a full pricing and financial  service for all types of parking facility: airports, hotels, railway stations, hospitals and town-centre parking etc.

Indigo has extensive expertise in multiple payment channels and in solutions for overseeing the entire on-street parking chain in order to guarantee transparency and operational optimisation.

Proven experience in inspections and penalties

With twenty years of experience in parking inspections and collections in the United Kingdom, Belgium and Spain, we can take over all or part of the management process, adapting our approach to each town’s policies and budget.