Opened to travellers in spring 2017, Parking P3 Saint Jean Belcier Railway Station took two years to complete the superstructure  construction, it is part of Saint Jean Station’s transformation for the arrival of HSR.

The P3 Saint Jean Belcier Railway Station car park incorporated the creation of Hall 3, built to receive travellers and accommodate shops. As the gateway to a very busy tation, was designed to be a modern car park, adapted to issues relating to high traffic volumes and now provides travellers easier access..  We financed and now operate this car park, which features equipment and service dedicated to facilitating user experience and has a total capacity of 850 car park spaces, over seven levels, including a below-ground premium level and  drop-off area.

The architecture chosen for this car park was a result of a complex technical challenge, characterised by a structure of highly refined concrete. This particularly ethereal architecture matches its railway surroundings perfectly.

A wide range of services adapted for every user

With six elevated levels served by a circular central ramp that provides quick access to every floor, Parking P3 has areas reserved for passengers with reduced mobility, motorised two-wheelers and electric vehicles. As part of our partnership with Sodetrel, we equipped P3 with a number of latest-generation charging points.

Level one is dedicated to passengers and visitors dropping off (70 spaces offering free 10-minute parking) and a premium area with around 40spaces that must be reserved in advance.

A conptemporary structure the Parking P3 Saint Jean Belcier Railway Station has all the signs of a high-tech car park, including GPS guidance to a space, the option to see available spaces in real time on the Park Indigo app and even latest-generation toll equipment accepting a wide variety of payment methods (CB, NFC, Total GR card, Liber-t tag, etc.).

On to Parking P4…

We will finance and operate a second car park as a planned expansion of Parking P3. With a capacity of a further 750  spaces, it will be operational in the first quarter, 2019.