We focus on the human factor

Every day, all over the world, men and women of different origins and backgrounds help put INDIGO on the map. We endeavour to preserve this rich and diverse human capital – we listen to all our employees, help them develop their careers, and support them along their career paths.

Helping our people blossom

Every year, to help achieve the Group’s goals, INDIGO develops a comprehensive training scheme and encourages employees to learn new skills. Our programmes include:

  • training courses all over the world, with our three parking schools in France, Brazil and the United States;
  • manager assessments at Campus INDIGO France to ensure our managers get the training that is best suited to their needs;
  • the Young Talent programme in Brazil, a two-year scheme – with training and hands-on experience in a wide range of jobs – that introduces talented young employees to several INDIGO professions before they choose the one for them;
  • the Talent Lab course developed in 2019 in Canada, which helps managers advance their careers.

Welcoming new employees

INDIGO devotes particular attention to onboarding new hires in all the countries where it operates. In Brazil, all new recruits follow the “Bem-vindo a INDIGO” programme. This welcome kit and briefing on INDIGO’s corporate culture, provides a clear, caring environment for new employees as they take their first steps with us. In 2021, we will standardise our new hire onboarding program across the Group.

Committed employees

INDIGO carries out internal barometers in different countries in order to measure the degree of commitment of its employees and to adapt its strategy. Here are some of the results of the barometers of the last few years.

  • BRAZIL (2020 survey): 83% of our employees in the field are satisfied with the professional development opportunities available at INDIGO. 96 % of our white-collar workers think the company handled the Covid-19 pandemic well. 100 % think they are given enough autonomy to successfully complete their tasks.
  • UNITED STATES (2019 survey): 72 % of LAZ Parking employees like their work environment
  • FRANCE (2019 survey): 86 % of employees find their work interesting
  • LUXEMBOURG (2020 survey): 93 % of employees are generally satisfied with their job and would recommend INDIGO as an employer to their friends and acquaintances

To ensure the consistency of the feedback we receive and enhance our employees’ wellbeing, in 2021 INDIGO kicked off a scheme to standardise in-house surveys.

An inclusive company

Taking concrete measures to ensure equal opportunities and promote diversity is part of our DNA. LAZ Parking’s “Second chance” programme helps people with blemished records re-enter the workforce. The company also took a public stand against racism in support of the Black Lives Matters and Women in Parking movements. In Belgium, Compaan – a Flemish organisation that helps vulnerable people find work – awarded INDIGO the inclusivity prize for its initiatives to help bring people back to work, especially the disabled and long-term unemployed. In France, INDIGO counts more than 40 different nationalities.

Health and safety

One of the pillars of the Group’s social policy is the priority given to health and safety at work. At Indigo Group, we implement measures to protect employees who, through their daily activities, ensure the Group’s success and development. Therefore, as part of regular monitoring, each country, according to its regulations, risks and local specificities, implements actions to reduce occupational risks.

Accident prevention and the monitoring of accidents, when they do occur, also make it possible to limit risks and improve procedures and organisation. For example, since the majority of accidents are due to slips and falls, the Group has made a special effort in all countries to make its employees and managers aware of the use of appropriate equipment and to be extremely vigilant with regard to these particular risks.

Several key indicators are monitored by the Group, including the frequency rate and severity rate of work-related accidents, the absenteeism rate and the turnover rate of each entity. Analysis of these measures enables us, when necessary, to launch targeted action plans and therefore improve the organisation as a whole.

In the same perspective, many employees at various levels of responsibility within the Group, up to its President, have objectives and incentives based on improving health and safety indicators.

Social dialogue

In accordance with the regulations of the countries in which the Group operates, and beyond that as far as possible, Indigo Group recognises the trade union movement and the right of its employees to join a trade union organisation. The Group also prohibits in its Code of Conduct any discrimination based on trade union commitments.

The staff representative organisations are therefore the preferred organs, for all employees and without any discrimination, for dialogue on the Group’s various internal programmes.

As a responsible employer, in addition to strict compliance with local regulations on information and consultation of the Staff Representative Bodies, the Group encourages dialogue and consultation with the latter in the context of internal reorganisations or the integration of acquired companies, so that the best solutions favouring employment are jointly found, such as proposals for skills training, internal mobility or early retirement.

Accounting for individual situations

In France, 15% of employees are also carers who look after elderly, sick or disabled loved ones every day. INDIGO supports its employees facing these situations through a partnership with Prev&Care, France’s leader in tailored support for family caregivers. Prev&Care helps them find solutions, navigate red tape, and identify trustworthy service providers. Obviously, all the exchanges between Prev&Care and our employees remain strictly confidential and none of the information is shared with the company.