275 Indigo employees came from 12 different countries to compete at the eighth Indigo RAID 2016 event in Arcachon, France, from 22 to 24 September.
The traditional in-house event at the Group has seen the ‘RAID’ (solidarity, conviviality, team spirit, friendly competition, and meeting one’s potential, both individually and as a team) spirit grow with each event.
This is why 45 of our teams found themselves at the La Forêt camping ground in Pyla-sur-Mer wearing the colours of their regions and countries, ready to throw themselves into physical and mental challenges as part of Indigo Raid 2016.

A route designed based on the company’s strategy 
In line with the group’s business activity, the route was designed based on individual mobility, including several changes in modes of transport during the two days of challenges:
– Crossing the Arcachon basin by boat
– A two-hour bike rally in Cap Ferret
– A 4 km sea crossing by canoe
– A box car race in wooden cars
– And a 10 km run including the ascent of the Pilat dune for the most daring and enthusiastic

Indigo wanted to organise a RAID in a natural setting related to its business activities – urban mobility.
At once urban and rural, the route included a rally in the town of Arcachon, where questions were asked about the Indigo Group, and there were also puzzles to be solved, for example, a challenge in our car park in the centre of the town.
Indigo prizes new technologies, which were also promoted through the use of iPads for GPS, challenges, and answering questions, all to collect points.
The RAID was rural, urban, mobile, and connected all at the same time.

The Indigo RAID: A mindset that reflects Indigo’s values
The range of challenges as part of RAID were designed to allow all employees to take part, regardless of seniority, country of origin, or physical condition. The mix of countries and regions within the teams was rewarded with bonus points.
Indigo wanted ‘Daring’ to be the theme of the event, referring to its in-house motto of ‘Room to Dare’ and reaching one’s potential. The most daring participants were rewarded with bonus points for voluntary options like a night lucky charm race.
Indigo also wanted RAID to give back by choosing to allocate a fund of €5,000 to local associations: Les Restos du Cœur in Arcachon, M en Rouge, and Générathon. Each team chose one association to compete for and donate to.

Boosting team spirit
A dedicated website was available in-house a few weeks before the event to bring the whole company together beyond the 250 participants in the two-day event. Each participant had the opportunity to keep a blog with updates on their team including training, advice, how the participants were getting on, and so on. As well as the website, there was also an in-house communications campaign including posters and news updates on the group’s Intranet.
In addition, each team had a ‘supporter’ tasked with promoting the RAID event in their workplace. They were also tasked with updating their team’s blog during the event by publishing photos and comments on the challenges in real time. They also had answers to some puzzles to help their teams win points on site.
To promote the teams’ work and commitment beyond the three winners on the podium, special prizes were awarded to the most daring competitors, including the prize for the most motivated team, the communication prize, and the prize for the most ‘fun’ team.
We kindly invite you to discover the 2016 Indigo RAID event in images by taking a look at our video and pictures.