Solidarity and patronage

Involved in local life

As a company with strong local roots, INDIGO supports the causes of many charities and non-profits and cultural sites around the world through donations of parking spaces, financial donations, donations of objects or awareness actions.

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Pays : Brazil

Manobra solidaria

Created in 2004, Manobra Solidária is our permanent clothing collection service in Brazil that aims to help socially vulnerable people. It consists of the installation of donation bins in INDIGO parking lots, with a “drive in” route for a quick, simple action and encourages as many people as possible to donate their clothes! The donations are received by the project’s collectors who are in charge of sorting them. Once this work is done, the institution that receives them is chosen collaboratively within the INDIGO team and the delivery is done by the employees.

The objectives of this initiative are:

  • Promote volunteerism among employees
  • Developing collaborative projects
  • Supporting local charities

In 2020 and since the beginning of the project, we have donated 316,500 clothes!


Pays : Canada

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

In British Columbia, Canada, INDIGO supports Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), a non-profit that helps victims of drunk driving crashes and raises awareness of its dangers. We encourage MADD’s work by providing financial support for the Region and promoting the “Rest Your Car” initiative which offers people who are in no state to drive preferential rates if they leave their vehicles in our car parks overnight.

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Pays : France

The "Livre sur la place" in Nancy

Every year, the “Livre sur la Place” fair in Nancy, France, is synonymous with the start of the literary season, with more than 600 authors expected to attend.

For the past 7 years, INDIGO has been a partner of this literary fair and organizes every year an event called “Le Livre Sous La Place” at the Mobility Center of the Charles III parking lot. This event includes a conference and signing sessions with an author invited especially for the occasion. It targets a large audience by transforming a parking lot into a literary salon for the duration of a signing session.

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Pays : Luxembourg

Sponsor of MUDAM

INDIGO is a sponsor of the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (Mudam), a major Luxembourg museum dedicated to modern art, built in the Kirchberg district of Luxembourg City where INDIGO operates the Parking Les Trois Glands, located just a stone’s throw from this cultural site.

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Pays : Brazil

"Each drop counts", raising awareness for blood donation

The Each drop counts program is an initiative to encourage INDIGO Brazil employees to donate blood and to raise awareness in their surroundings. Based on the value of solidarity, important to INDIGO group, the program aims to inform, answer questions and encourage a life-saving approach.

The project runs throughout the year with three commitment campaigns that include awareness actions, conferences, and information on the subject. Some of the employees at the Porto Alegre headquarters donated blood on their own time, using a special shuttle bus.

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Pays : Brazil

Reverse logistics program

INDIGO Brazil led a multidisciplinary project to invent new uses and give a second life to damaged INDIGO work clothes. At the launch of a first pilot carried out in 2020, INDIGO Brazil collected more than 240 kg of uniforms and about 90% of them could be reused!

The program is divided into three categories:

  • Slightly damaged uniforms are cleaned and mended and donated to charities
  • Damaged uniforms are recycled (about 65%) and transformed into everyday objects: kits (to be given to schools), masks (distributed in our offices for our employees), ecological bags (given to new employees on the day they join the group and used for prospects).
  • Finally, uniforms that are too damaged to be reused in this program are recycled to make other items once the fabrics have been treated.

To support this approach, we work in partnership with Ciclo Reverso, a non-profit specialized in waste recycling. The work is done by women from local communities who are members of social programs.

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Pays : France

Ateliers de l’Audace

INDIGO Weel has partnered with Les Ateliers de l’Audace, a Lyon-based association specializing in bicycle repair and the development of this mode of transportation for vulnerable populations. Founded in the spring of 2020, it employs around 20 people in professional reintegration and is expanding rapidly. The association recovers and repairs abandoned INDIGO Weel bikes to give them a second life and contribute to social projects such as the Tand’Aime initiative of the Lyon Racine club or the mobility of caregivers at the Le Vinatier hospital in Lyon.

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Pays : France

Non profit « 1 déchet par jour/ 1 piece of rubbish » in Marseille

INDIGO is supporting Marseille nonprofit “1 déchet par jour/ 1 piece of rubbish”, which works to prevent discarded masks and gloves becoming a major source of pollution, especially on the coast. In 2020, we ran a poster campaign in all our car parks in the city that read “Stop masques et gants par terre #CleanTaVille #LoveTaMer” (Stop dumping masks and gloves on the ground #CleanYourCity #LoveYourSea).