Ethics and compliance

Our Group, the world leader for parking and individual mobility, which comprises thousands of employees in several different geographical areas and businesses lines, attaches the greatest importance to complying with the rules applicable in the conduct of its business, whether they are derived from the law or the values which underpin the Indigo Group’s activities.
These rules of good conduct are formalised in our code of conduct and apply to all subsidiaries and their employees. They are not intended to replace applicable laws and regulations, but to define attitudes and provide guidelines that, above and beyond compliance with legal requirements, reflect exemplary personal and professional conduct and constitute a common reference essential to the performance of our Group’s activities.

Being part of our Group does not only involve strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations, but also a conduct guided by the principles of business ethics, in all circumstances and in all countries. More broadly, employees are expected to behave in an impeccable manner, which shall be based on integrity, fairness and respect for the dignity and the individual rights of employees and all other natural persons.

Compliance with these rules is essential as we want our Group to continue to enjoy the trust of all its stakeholders, including public and private sector clients, partners, suppliers, shareholders, investors and employees.

Indigo Group’s Code of Conduct is available on the “Publications” page.