Indigo supports communities and offers them the best solutions to develop the attractiveness of city centres and improve their living environment. 

In response, we create and implement ever smarter and more responsible mobility and parking solutions and develop innovative services that contribute to the vitality of cities:

  • Off-street car parks, which we take charge of designing and renovating, as well as being responsible for work management and operational management and mobile payment soultions such as the Park Indigo app ;
  • On-street parking, for which we offer equipment, collection, maintenance, control and recovery services as well as innovative solutions for mobile payment such as OpnGO
  • Shared self-service bicycles, electric scooters and other mobility solutions which complement the car

As true, innovative partners of cities, who listen to users and ourcustomers, our strength lies in the close relationships we have with local areas, while maintaining a standard of international excellence.

Each city has different challenges and our real added value is being able to rely on our expertise in the world to respond to local issues. Our role is to participate in the development of each city and make the lives of inhabitants easier. To achieve this, it is essential to be attentive to be able to propose the best solutions.

Thomas Bimson, Central Europe Manager