Based in our National Remote Operation and Assistance Centres, our team can offer help whenever needed, supporting the user’s journey through the car park thanks to an optimised remote operation system, available 24/7.

Improving customer journey reliability

Our customer support agents  are connected to the main pieces of equipment in our car parks and to various alarms. They are highly responsive and will intervene in the event of a safety alarm (fire,  etc.), technical alarm (equipment malfunction, break-in attempt, etc.), or a call from a customer at the barriers or payment machines. Users receive high-quality service thanks to cutting-edge technology, with IP intercoms and linked-up cameras strategically located around the car park.

Every call made from an intercom is connected to an on-site staff member or a remote customer support agent , who can assist customers with all types of issues: questions about payment, loss of ticket, requests for pedestrian access, or even problems with customers’ vehicles. The operator can also initiate a response from Indigo’s in-house services or call for external help (emergency services, electricity or gas company, lift technician, etc.).

Connecpark™ keeps you informed about its activity in regular detailed reports covering calls received, problems handled and planned corrective measures. All exchanges and interactions are recorded and stored, enabling precise analysis of activities and response times.

Available in France and internationally

This service is available in France,  United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, United States, Spain and Luxembourg.

In France alone, our team of around thirty people manages between 4,000 and 6,000 calls a day, or 1,500,000 calls a year, from approximately 500 connected car parks.

Complementary options with the Connecpark™ service

In some countries, our Connecpark™ service includes optional modules that complement remote operation, like billing and monthly client accounts, daily takings or business intelligence tools.

To find out more about our Connecpark™ service, visit the dedicated websites at or