Published on 17.03.2016

Wattmobile is a self-service electric scooter and car operator, whose mission is to make city residents’ and commuters’ trips within the city or on its outskirts easier and more pleasant, saving them time and money while at the same time protecting the environment. With this acquisition, Indigo is pursuing its strategy of personal mobility services, making its car parks real mobility hubs.
Indigo intends to develop Wattmobile’s business by leveraging its partnership with SNCF, the French state railway company, using its iDPASS programme to enable it to offer electric vehicles to passengers at railway stations. By the end of 2016 several additional Wattmobile rental stations will be set up at Indigo car parks in Paris and its immediate periphery.


INDIGO Group has learned that its name was used for fraudulent purposes by individuals or firms offering real estate investments in carparks, particularly under the name Indigo investissement.

INDIGO Group has never contracted with them and has never solicited them, these are fraudulent facts and activities.