Published on 05.11.2020

For nearly 60 years, INDIGO has been accompanying the evolution of cities and territories by offering innovative services and solutions. From the construction of the Parc des Invalides in Paris in 1962 to the development of the vision of the Carpark Future, INDIGO has remained a pioneer and inventive company over the years.


On 5 November 2015, the company launches its new brand with its logo: INDIGO. Linked to the expression of mobility “IN and GO”, INDIGO embodies the move towards our goal, our destination.

Its pointer-shaped O demonstrates the company’s desire to provide premium locations for its car parks around the world and to develop its digital services. As a result, in 2016 INDIGO is launching the OPnGO application, the first one to find the best parking space at the best price. As a full digital service, OPnGO is ticket-free, based on licence plate recognition. The solution also allows users to pay for on-street parking and to reserve their parking space in advance. Today, there are 620 connected car parks and 76 on-street cities in Europe.

By not using anymore the word “park”, the company is confirming its desire to extend its services beyond off-street car parking by expanding its on-street parking activities with Streeteo in 2017 and by contributing to the development of soft mobility. At the end of 2017, INDIGO will launch INDIGO Weel, a shared bicycle and electric scooter service in France. At the same time, the company becomes the main shareholder of Smovengo, a group of mobility players that now operates the new Vélib’ 2 self-service bicycle service, with an expanded scope of operation in Paris and many municipalities in the Ile-de-France area.

Defined as the “Seventh Colour of the Rainbow” by Isaac Newton, INDIGO is a universal name, understandable in all languages, reflecting the international development of the group, which now includes China and Poland among its 12 countries of operation.

Finally, in 2020, INDIGO opens a new chapter and invents with Dominique Perrault Architecture the “Parking of the Future”, a new vision of parking infrastructure, proposing a real programme of concrete solutions to be implemented in INDIGO car parks. In the same line, the company commits to a Sustainable Development approach with a Climate Strategy by 2025.

The new era that is opening up ahead of us promises to be even richer and interesting in terms of individual mobility and the development of our businesses. It will bring new milestones in terms of digital innovation and a reinvented customer experience.

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