Published on 09.08.2018

A reference company in the administration of parking lots in the hospital sector, Indigo was chosen by the Sírio-Libanês Hospital to operate its complex of almost 1,000 spaces in the city of São Paulo. The operation, which began on June 23, also marks the expansion of the company in this market that already represents the second largest segment of Indigo’s operations in Brazil.

In the country, Indigo is responsible for the management of more than 30 hospital complexes, including two of the largest in Latin America: the Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital and now the Sírio-Libanês Hospital. The company is also present in other hospitals of great relevance in Brazil, such as São Camilo in São Paulo, Mãe de Deus in Porto Alegre and Silvestre Hospital in Rio de Janeiro. In total, there are more than 800 employees dedicated to serving these operations, 100 of them exclusive to the Sírio-Libanês.

Just as Indigo already performs in other major operations of the segment, one of the main services offered will be the valet for patients and other users, streamlining and giving comfort to those who are joining and/or leaving the hospital.

“The confidence shown by Sírio-Libanês in our work, choosing Indigo to undertake such a complex operation, makes us very proud and possibly brings us new opportunities in the hospital segment,” says Roque Perachi, CDO (Chief Development Officer) of the company.

The company plans to invest about R$ 150 million in the country by the end of 2019, and a good part of these resources will be destined to the projects of corporate clients, making feasible the construction of garage buildings, parking expansion, investments in infrastructure improvement, purchase of new equipment and technology, among other customized solutions.

In addition to hospitals, Indigo operates in different segments, such as universities, shopping malls, airports, commercial buildings, arenas, event complexes, among others. For more information, or to contact the company, go to



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